TH Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology

Localization of gauge fields and monopole tunnelling

by Holger Bech Nielsen (Bohr Institute and CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room


We study the dynamical localization of a massless gauge field onto a lower-dimensional surface. The confinement to the lower dimensional ``brane'' occurs by confinement in the bulk. We consider, for the favourite example of a gauge particle in $SU(2)$ Georgi Glashow model being localized to a spatial 2-dimensional surface, the phenomenon in analogy to the dual of the Josephson junction. This duality leads to the puzzle that the photon on the 2-brane shall be confined at exponentially long didstances; but at long distances it is just pure QED? The explanation is that t`Hooft Polyakov monpoles in the bulk tunnel through the brane, whereby they function as instantons. We consider the cosmological bounds on the photon having such confinement in case it were at all possible.
Organized by

Stefano Frixione