Physics Analysis Software Framework for Belle II

Apr 14, 2015, 3:45 PM
Auditorium (Auditorium)



oral presentation Track2: Offline software Track 2 Session


marko staric (J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)


We present software framework being developed for physics analyses using the data collected by the Belle II experiment. The analysis workflow is organized in a modular way integrated within the Belle II software framework (BASF2). A set of physics analysis modules that perform simple and well defined tasks and are common to almost all physics analyses are provided. The physics modules do not communicate with each other directly but only through the data access protocols that are part of the BASF2. The physics modules are written in C++, Python or combination of both. Typically, a user performing a physics analysis only needs to provide a job configuration file with analysis’ specific sequence of physics modules that can be then executed on the Grid.

Primary authors

Anze Zupanc (Jozef Stefan Institute) marko staric (J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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