WLCG Monitoring, consolidation and further evolution

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1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun Okinawa, Japan 904-0495
poster presentation Track4: Middleware, software development and tools, experiment frameworks, tools for distributed computing


Luca Magnoni (CERN)


The WLCG monitoring system solves a challenging task of keeping track of the LHC computing activities on the WLCG infrastructure, ensuring health and performance of the distributed services at more than 160 sites. The current challenge consists of decreasing the effort needed to operate the monitoring service and to satisfy the constantly growing requirements for its scalability and performance. This contribution describes the recent consolidation work aimed to reduce the complexity of the system, and to ensure more effective operations, support and service management. This was done by unifying where possible the implementation of the monitoring components. The contribution also covers further steps like the evaluation of the new technologies for data storage, processing and visualization and migration to a new technology stack

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