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DELPHES Tutorial for FCC

by Michele Selvaggi (Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (BE))

160/1-009 (CERN)



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The tutorial would be 2-3 hours long, and based on release 3.1.2 (see It will be held by Pavel Demin, Alexandre Mertens and Michele Selvaggi. 

Attendees must bring their own laptop, with an lxplus account. This will make things easier since Delphes needs ROOT.

The first part ( ~ 15 - 30minutes ) will be a short Delphes presentation, but this time rather focused on the technicalities compared to the FCC presentations,

Topics such as:
  • how to setup the installation and how to run code;
  • how the modular structure works;
  • how the configuration file works;

will be discussed.

The second part will consist in a hands-on-session. For now we have in mind two examples with increasing complexity.  Of course, according to comments/suggestions this part can be extended or altered.

Example 1: Reconstruction of the Higgs mass in (FCCee)
  • run Delphes on e+ e- -> Z H events, run a root macro that selects events with two b jets a reconstructs the H invariant mass.
  • modify the config card and apply an energy scale correction to jets, and see the effect on the invariant mass.
  • change the calorimeter granularities and see the effect on the Higgs mass.
  • write a simple module that computes and stores a new, user-defined, lepton isolation variable (e.g. the angle between the jet and the lepton, à la LEP) into lepton collections

Example 2: Delphes with pile-up at 100 TeV (FCChh)

- run Delphes on QCD and top events at 100 TeV.
- see how the discrimination between QCD and top events provided by the N-subjettiness variable behaves with increasing pile-up.
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DELPHES Tutorial for FCC
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