Nov 17 – 21, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
First AFTER@LHC week

This is the third exploratory workshop aiming at studying in detail the opportunity and feasibility of a fixed-target experiment using the LHC beams extracted by a bent crystal. Since it will be partly devoted to the preparation of an Expresion of Interest (EoI), we have dubbed it "AFTER@LHC week".

Apart from an introductory session on Monday morning accessible to everyone, we plan to have 7 half-day working sessions with 2 groups; one on the "Physics", the other on "Detector, Beam extraction, Target". We will also have 2 closed sessions.

The workshop will have three main objectives: the first is to prepare an Expression of Interest to be submitted to the LHCC; the second is to prepare and coordinate contributions/submissions to a special issue of Advances in High-Energy Physics on AFTER@LHC; the last objective is to learn more from and coordinate our effort with e.g. the LHCb SMOG project, the DY COMPASS run, the polarised target proposal P1039, ...

In particular, we will aim at identifying the figures of merit for such an experiment, studying and exploiting the results from physics simulation using the latest informations related to beam extraction, detector and target techniques.

The workshop will consist of a very limited numbers of review and topical talks along during the 7 half-day working session. The subjects which will be addressed are :

  • nucleon and nucleus pdf extraction in hadronic processes
  • spin physics, TMDs and single-spin asymmetries
  • Quark-Gluon Plasma physics
  • nuclear matter studies in proton-nucleus collisions
  • diffractive physics and ultra-peripheral collisions
  • heavy-quark dynamics and spectroscopy at high |xF|
  • beam extraction and studies of the crystal-extraction influence on the machine and detector performance
  • internal gas target
  • target polarization
  • modern detector technologies
  • event generator and detector simulation
  • Machine feasibility and radiological aspects
  • Secondary beams
  • Connection between UHECR studies and FTEs

There is no registration fee. Participants are expected to book a room at the CERN hostel or around CERN. All the meals will be taken at the CERN canteen or restaurants surrounding CERN.

Thanks to the support of the French CNRS (GDR PH-QCD, FCPPL, PICS4AFTER).

The Organizing Committee

LANSBERG, Jean-Philippe





61/1-017 - Room D
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