October 15, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone

This event is for the open source launch of the version of the CRISTAL Kernel. This is a part of the CRISTAL-iSE Project. The usage of CRISTAL has had a long history at CERN. It was originally a partnership between CERN, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the University of the West of England (UWE). This launch is a part of the CRISTAL-iSE project which is a collaboration between academia and industry. The partners of the project are M1i (France) and Alpha3i (France) with UWE. During the course of the project the Kernel has been enhanced and brought up to modern software standards and it is now ready to be used in industry. The new version of the Kernel (version 3.0) is now named the CRISTAL-iSE Kernel.

During this event there will be a wide variety of talks and presentations given by the members of the CRISTAL-iSE consortium as well as members of the original CRISTAL consortium. The event will last less than a day and coffee/tea will be provided with a free lunch. The speakers of the event are the following :

Professor Richard McClatchey : has been research active for the past 30 years and has led many projects funded by industry and by the EC in the areas of large-scale distributed data and process management, in data modelling and in systems design and integration. McClatchey has published over 200 papers and has held the Chair of Applied Computer Science at UWE since2000. His current research interest lies in Cloud data and knowledge management and particularly in its application in large distributed data systems. He currently leads the Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems at UWE and is active in collaborative projects at CERN, and with many international partners in numerous EC projects. He is the Project Coordinator of the Marie Curie IAPP project CRISTAL-ISE; he will present the project background, motivation, achievements and current status.

Dr. Jean-Marie Le Goff : Jean-Marie Le Goff has been a senior physics at CERN since 1988. He holds a PhD in particle physics and a DPhil in computer sciences. Until 2000, he worked on the experimental physics program of the laboratory in particular on the muon detector of the L3 experiment and electro-magnetic calorimeter of the CMS experiment. During his collaboration with CMS, he took charge of the team responsible for the software development dedicated to the tracking and assembly of the detector (CRISTAL), including the full physics characterization of individual parts physics with a view to providing the static calibration data to be used for the reconstruction of the events in the experiment. From 2000-2008, he was in charge of technology transfer at CERN. During his mandate he proposed to the CERN Council the creation of HEPTech, the Technology Transfer Network of particle, astro-particle and nuclear physics institutes that he is currently chairing. He also leads the work package on relations with industry in AIDA, the FP7 project on new detector techniques for future accelerators. He will be presenting the history of CRISTAL from the stand point of CERN.

Patrick Emin : Is the current CEO of M1i, which is under the umbrella of Awensys group. M1i are a user of the CRISTAL (now CRISTAL-iSE) Kernel. Their main product is known as Agilium. Agilium is a Business Process Management solution based on top of CRISTAL and has a long history. It is the first product that was developed on top of the CRISTAL platform. Patrick has a long history in the computing field, in his early years he was involved in educational software and is now championing the use of BPM solutions in industry. He has been very involved in the development of the IT industry in the Rhone Alpes region (Vice President of Cluster Edit), he has also been driving serveral collaborative projects such as MESTRIA and Club ERA). He will be presenting the new version of Agilium (NG) using the CRISTAL-iSE Kernel. He will also be presenting the usage of CRISTAL via Agilium in Industry.

Pierre Bornand : is the CEO from ALPHA-3i (A3i). A3i is a software house with a long experience of 20 years in time and attendance, access control and Manufacturing Execution System. Pierre has a technical background in engineering and a specialization in finance after that. He also has been project manager for a MES solution for 12 years. He is in charge of the project management for the ALPHA-3i side in CRISTAL ISE. He will be presenting the company's role in the project as well as the CIMAG-RA application.

Andrew Branson : Andrew has worked at CERN on various projects since participating in the Technical Student programme in 1997. His main research focus is description-driven systems. In late 2000, he joined the ECAL construction group in CMS to work on CRISTAL, as part of the ECAL construction group. In 2006, when the ECAL was complete, Andrew joined the Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems at the University of the West of England: one of the key partners in the CRISTAL project. He led the design of the metadata-driven database for Health-e-child FP7 project, before resuming his work on CRISTAL for collecting scientific workflow provenance in the NeuGRID FP7 project and adding workflow orchestration to that for its successor, N4U. As Technical Coordinator of the CRISTAL-ISE FP7 IAPP project, he has spent much of the last couple of years preparing CRISTAL for its transition to open source today.

Dr. Jetendr Shamdasani : has been active with the University of the West of England since 2011. He has a BSc, MSc (with Distinction), and a PhD in Computer Science. He is a member of the CCCS team led by Richard McClatchey. His research interests mostly concern the areas of Semantics and Linked Data. He is currently adding these features and more to the Kernel, particularly the provenance aspects. He will be presenting the N4U project in the Applications track and what research has been conducted with CRISTAL in the past.

Dr. Zsolt Kovacs : Zsolt started his career at CERN working on various research and development projects. He joined CCCS at UWE in 1995 as a PhD student and he played a major role in designing the first two versions of CRISTAL system. In 2003 he decided to move to industry, where he had different software development, testing and automation roles at GE, SAP, Morgan Stanley. He has rejoined CCCS in 2014 and started to work on the new Open Source kernel development. His research interest lie in optimising all aspects of the software development life cycle with special focus on specification and testing techniques within a description-driven system. Zsolt will be presenting a live demo using the new CRISTAL-iSE Kernel and he will be presenting a tutorial on how to use the new API. 

Dr. Florent Martin : is an experienced software engineer. He has a MSc in automation and engineering control, and a PhD in Computer Science with an expertise in data mining. He is a member of Alpha-3i, a Manufacturing Execution Systems provider lead by Pierre Bornand. His interests in the project is the development of a business module dedicated to resource allocation, benefiting of the flexibility anf provenance features of CRISTAL-iSE.

Olivier Gattaz : is an experienced software engineer. He is a member of M1i, which develops Agilium a Business Process Management solution based on CRISTAL-iSE led by Patrick Emin. He practice component-based software development since 2006 to deliver industrial quality software to customers. He will present the technical architecture of Agilium-NG and the done efforts to use the CRISTAL-iSE Kernel in an OSGI context.


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