19 November 2014
University of Sussex
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Programme

News from BSM, Higgs and supersymmetry

The programme and schedule can be found under 'Timetable' and includes:

  • Steve Abel - Gauge mediation of exact scale breaking and novel Higgs potentials 
  • Agni Bethani - Higgs at CMS and ATLAS
  • Ulrik Egede - Status and challenges for rare decays in LHCb
  • Gudrun Hiller - A challenge to lepton universality
  • Daniel Litim - From asymptotic freedom to asymptotic safety
  • R. Lopez - A light Higgs in a strongly interacting electroweak symmetry breaking sector
  • Veronica Sanz - BSM in the light of future colliders
  • Marc Thomas - Model-independent exclusion of the light stop scenario
  • Iacopo Vivarelli - Search for stops and sbottoms at ATLAS: status and prospects