Mar 23 – 27, 2015
Physics Department, Oxford University
Europe/London timezone

DRMAA2 - An Open Standard for Job Submission and Cluster Monitoring

Mar 26, 2015, 12:20 PM
Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Parks Road (Physics Department, Oxford University)

Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Parks Road

Physics Department, Oxford University

Computing & Batch Services Computing and Batch Systems


Daniel Gruber (U)


- Introduction - DRMAA2 in a Nutshell - The C Interface - Data Types, Monitoring Sessions, Job Sessions, Working with Jobs, Job Templates, Error Handling and Dealing with Enhancements - Getting started with DRMAA2 - Example Applications - Job Monitoring Applications and Simple Multi-Clustering


Distributed Resource Management Application API 2 (DRMAA2) is an open standard defined by the Open Grid Forum. It standardizes a set of functions for job submission, job workflow management and cluster monitoring. This talk is about the design and functionality of DRMAA2 and its applications.

Daniel Gruber is Senior Software Engineer at Univa. Before joining Univa in 2011, he worked at Sun Microsystems in the Sun Grid Engine development team and later at Oracle in the Oracle Grid Engine development team. Daniel is co-chair of the DRMAA working group and helped Univa Grid Engine to be the first product to support the DRMAA2 standard.

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