10-15 April 2016
UZ Obergurgl
Europe/Zurich timezone

Muon g-2 in Two-Higgs-Doublet Models

14 Apr 2016, 17:20
UZ Obergurgl

UZ Obergurgl

University Center Obergurgl Gaisbergweg 5 6456 Obergurgl Austria
Talk Scalar Sector THU1


Eung Jin Chun (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)


Updating various theoretical and experimental constraints on the four different types of two-Higgs-doublet models (2HDMs), we find that only the ``lepton-specific" (or ``type X") 2HDM can explain the present muon g−2 anomaly in the parameter region of large tanβ, a light CP-odd boson, and heavier CP-even and charged bosons which are almost degenerate. The severe constraints on the models come mainly from the consideration of vacuum stability and perturbativity, the electroweak precision data, the b-quark observables like Bs→μμ, the precision measurements of the lepton universality as well as the 125 GeV boson property observed at the LHC. We also discuss the tau-rich signatures at the LHC to probe the allowed parameter space of Type X 2HDM.

Primary author

Eung Jin Chun (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

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