Machine/Job Features Taskforce

28/R-015 (CERN)



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    Local: Stefan,
    Remote: Marian, Andrew, Jan Just, Manfred, Miguel,

Batch Systems:

Jan Just - last version in repo is deployed, need to check NIKHEF for its status


Marian - as of my knowledge testing was done in San Diego late August and I didn't hear from Igor saying it doesn't work in terms of requirements. So I assume it worked there. I will check with site admins directly as I need to speed up with this anyway and deploy in Nebraska too. The code base I have available is in here:


Manfred - NTR

Virtualized Infrastructures:

Andrew: currently testing of virtualized deployments in two sites that have http based machine/job features.
  - LHCb cloud AI resources at CERN
  - Imperial college some cloud machines LHCb/ATLAS/CMS
provide meta data from the http server to the local file system (via wget) and setting the location, i.e. needed b/c ATLAS would rely on a file based implementation. Shall not be needed in the future when reading from http server directly. LHCb uses this information in production to check the limits on when to stop the payload

Andrew - directory listing is allowed on apache implementation. At the moment done with wget to “fake” the file system implementation e.g. for ATLAS.


Marian - will check with CMS computing if the bi-directional communication is still a use case.


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    • 17:00 17:50
      Status and next steps for MJF in bare-metal and virtualized environments
      Convener: Dr Stefan Roiser (CERN)
    • 17:50 18:00