The Modern Physics of Compact Stars and Relativistic Gravity 2015

from Wednesday, September 30, 2015 (6:30 AM) to Saturday, October 3, 2015 (12:50 PM)
Yerevan, Armenia

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Sep 30, 2015
Oct 1, 2015
Oct 2, 2015
Oct 3, 2015
8:30 AM
Registration (until 9:30 AM) (2nd floor Conference Room)
9:30 AM Addresses by the YSU Rector, Dean of Physics Faculty and Organizers   (2nd Floor Conference Room)
9:40 AM Structure of hybrid stars with the Field Correlator Method - Fiorella Burgio (INFN Sezione di Catania)   (2nd floor Conference Room)
10:20 AM A neutron star on a computer: recent developments - Jerome Novak (CNRS - Observatoire de Paris)   (2nd floor Conference Room)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:20 AM Towards a unified equation of state for quark/hadron matter - David Blaschke (University of Wroclaw)   (2nd floor Conference Room)
9:00 AM Atmospheres and radiating surfaces of neutron stars with strong magnetic fields - Alexander Potekhin (Ioffe Institute; Pulkovo Observatory)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
9:40 AM Unified treatment of sub-saturation stellar matter at zero and finite temperature - Adriana Raduta (IFIN-HH)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
10:20 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:50 AM Hyperons and Neutron Stars - Isaac Vidana (University of Coimbra)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
11:30 AM From macro to micro: universal properties of neutron stars - Andrea Maselli (Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
9:00 AM Constraint on the internal structure of neutron stars from pulsar glitches - Dr Nicolas Chamel (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
9:40 AM Magnetic field of strange stars with rotating superfluid core - Prof. David Sedrakian (Yerevan State Unniversity) Mekhak Hayrapetyan (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
10:20 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:50 AM Purely phenomenological equation of state for nuclear matter - Jérôme MARGUERON (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
11:30 AM Vacuum currents in braneworlds - Prof. Aram Saharian (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
9:00 AM Scalar-isovector channel of the nucleon-nucleon interaction in the RMF theory and massive compact stars - Dr Grigor Alaverdyan (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
9:40 AM Pulsars with more exactly measured masses as possible candidates of strange stars - Prof. Yuri VARTANYAN (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
10:20 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:50 AM Wakefield generation by radiation beams of millisecond pulsars - Prof. Zaza Osmanov (School of Physics, Free University of Tbilisi, 0183-Tbilisi, Georgia)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
11:30 AM Mass-radius relation of white and strange stars - Prof. Gevorg Hajyan (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
12:00 PM Cosmology with nonminimal kinetic coupling and a Higgs potential - Prof. S. V. Sushkov (Institute of Physics, Kazan Federal University)   (2nd floor Conference Room, Phys. Dep., YSU)
12:40 PM --- Lunch break and relocation to Guesthouse ---
2:00 PM Crystalline chiral condensates as a component of compact stars - Stefano Carignano   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
2:00 PM Inflationary evolution of the Universe within the framework of the modified JBD theory - Prof. Gohar Harutyunyan (Yerevan State University)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
2:40 PM Inhomogeneous chiral symmetry breaking in isospin-asymmetric matter - Daniel Nowakowski (TU Darmstadt)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
2:41 PM Localized oscillating configurations formed by real scalar fields - Gyula Fodor (Paris Observatory)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
3:20 PM --- Coffee Break ---
3:50 PM Universal symmetry energy contribution to the neutron star equation of state - Mr David Alvarez-Castilio (JINR Dubna)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
3:51 PM Quantum effects in anti-de Sitter spacetime for electromagnetic vacuum state - Anna Kotanjyan (Yerevan State University)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
4:30 PM A new RMF based quark-nuclear matter EoS - Mr Niels-Uwe Friedrich Bastian (Wroclaw University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
4:30 PM Noether and Lie symmetries of the field equations and their invariant solutions in Hybrid Gravity - Mrs Aneta Wojnar (Univ. of Wroclaw)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
5:00 PM A self-consistent study of magnetic field effects on hybrid stars - Bruno Franzon (FIAS, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
5:01 PM --- Cosmology Discussion ---
5:30 PM --- Free time ---
6:30 PM --- Welcome party ---
12:10 PM Short-range correlations in nuclei and compact stars - Prof. Eliezer Piasetzky (School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University)   ()
12:50 PM --- Lunch break ---
2:15 PM Role of r-modes in evolution of recycled neutron stars - Andrey Chugunov (Ioffe Institute)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
2:16 PM On the Kerr solution - Prof. Roland Avagyan (Yerevan State University)   (Small Hall)
2:55 PM A new family of compact objects: Dark Compact Planets - Laura Tolos (ICE, Barcelona)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
2:56 PM Late stage of the Universe evolution taking into account the vacuum effects - Anna Kotanjyan (Yerevan State University)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
3:35 PM --- Rest ---
4:00 PM --- Excursion to Garni-Geghard complex ---
12:10 PM --- Lunch break ---
2:00 PM Nuclear pairing from microscopic forces: singlet channels and higher-partial waves - Dr Paolo Finelli (University of Bologna)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
2:00 PM Piercing the Vainshtein screen: local constraints on modified gravity - Dr Hermano Velten (Centre de Physique Théorique UMR 7332)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
2:40 PM Electromagnetic Casimir densities for a cylindrical boundary in de Sitter spacetime - Prof. Aram Saharian (Yerevan State University)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
2:40 PM Extended time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations for rotating two-flavor color superconductors - Prof. Karen Shahabasyan (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
3:20 PM --- Coffee break ---
3:50 PM Compact stars with quark core - Ms Anahit Harutyunyan (Yerevan State University)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
3:50 PM The quantum vacuum and the structure of empty space-time - Prof. Ashot Gevorgyan (Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems, NAS of Armenia)   (Small Hall, Guesthouse)
4:20 PM Stiffening baryonic equation of state with hyperons - Prof. Ghazanfari Mojarrad Mehdi (University of Kashan)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
4:31 PM --- Cosmology Discussion ---
5:00 PM Softening of the Nuclear Matter and the Maximum Mass of the Neutron Star - huni Kh Niakian (University of Tehran)   (Main Hall, Guesthouse)
5:30 PM --- Free time ---
7:00 PM --- Conference Dinner ---
12:10 PM --- Closing ceremony ---