Theory Colloquia

B-physics theory for LHC and the quest for new physics

by Sebastian Jager (CERN TH)

TH Theory Conference Room (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room


Flavour physics can probe very large scales beyond the TeV scale, through FCNC processes that are loop-, CKM-, and GIM-suppressed in the Standard Model. With the B-factory program having determined the Standard Model flavour parameters with some precision, the experimental field in the coming years will be dominated by the CERN experiments LHCb, ATLAS, and CMS. A number of new observables will become accessible and the goal will shift to finding deviations from the predictions and patterns in the Standard Model. I review promising observables, the available theoretical tools for disentangling new physics effects from SM "backgrounds", and various hints of departures from the SM in the present (B-factory and Tevatron) data, and the related prospects at the LHCb and beyond.
Organized by

Christophe Grojean