CMS Virtual Visit to Portugal (ODS)

3562 R-020 (CERN)

3562 R-020


Organized in the framework of the ODS Project, this event will offer 543 high schoolers from five locations in Portugal the opportunity to visit live the CMS detector and get their questions answered by Portuguese scientists, members of the CMS experiment. Specifically, the participants are listed below: 1) City of Penafiel 150 students (15-17y old), Escola Secudária de Penafiel | Teacher/Contact: José Gonçalves ( 2) City of Sintra 100 students (13-17y old), Escola Secundária Ferreira Dias |Teacher/Contact: Cristina Pinho ( 3) City of Mafra 180 students (15-18y old), Escola Secundária José Saramago-Mafra | Teacher/Contact: Marília Peres ( 4) City of Quarteira 23 students (15-17y old), Agrupamento de Escolas Dra Laura Ayres | Teacher/Contact: Miguel Neta ( 5) City of Águeda (Aveiro) 90 students (15-17y old), Escola Secundária Adolfo Portela | Teachers/Contact: Álvaro Folhas ( ODS Portugal Contact: Rosa Doran, NUCLIO/GTTP ( The geographical location of the 5 schools can be seen in this map: CMS Virtual Guides André David, Pedro Vieira De Castro Ferreira Da Silva & Jose Carlos Rasteiro Da Silva Technical Support Noemi Beni & Zoltan Zsillasi Tests 23 Feb, 14:00 & 15:00 - OK! Media Coverage of the Virtual Visit News, website, blogs etc.
    • 4:00 PM 5:00 PM
      CMS Virtual Visit to Portugal