17-21 June 1996
Europe/Zurich timezone


  • Bershadsky: "Geometric Singularities and Enhanced Gauge Symmetries"
  • Douglas: "D-branes as probes"
  • Duff: "Type II A&M Theory"
  • Ferrara: "Low Energy Analysis of M and F Theory on Calabi-Yau Manifolds"
  • Luest: "Modular Forms and Instanton Numbers in N=2 Dual String Pairs"
  • Lerche: "Seiberg-Witten Geometry and Self-Dual Strings"
  • Kounnas: "Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Effects in Spontaneously Broken Heterotic and Type II 4d Theories"
  • Maldacena: "Black holes as D-branes"
  • Moore: "Algebras, BPS States, and Strings"
  • Nicolai: "On E10 and the affine Sugawara construction"
  • Schwarz: "M-theory origin of Chirality and Duality"
  • Sen: "F-theory and Orientifolds"
  • Susskind: "Fractional Branes and Black Holes"
  • Vafa: "M-theory, F-theory, and Strings"
  • Verlinde: "Dyons, Strings and the Five-brane"
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