May 27 – 29, 2015
University of Ferrara, Dept of Physics and Earth Sciences, Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics
Europe/Rome timezone
Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control Interware
The workshop will be devoted to the information exchange between the DIRAC developers, service administrators and users. Reports on the DIRAC ongoing and planned developments, service management tools will be included into the agenda together with the users reporting their experience. You are welcome to suggest your items to the workshop agenda.
University of Ferrara, Dept of Physics and Earth Sciences, Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics
EC4 - Economia
Via Voltapaletto 11, 44121 Ferrara

How to reach Ferrara?

The meeting venue is in the historical part of Ferrara.

Ferrara is easily reachable by airplanetrain or highway

The closest airport is "G.Marconi", in Bologna (BLQ), which is connected by bus+train or by shuttle to Ferrara.

In the first case you can take the Aerobus to the Bologna railway station then a train to Ferrara.
In the second (easiest and fastest option) use the Bus & Fly shuttle, from the Bologna Airport to the Ferrara railway station, 15euro, ~45-60min trip.
A private shuttle service (NCC) is also available. Reservation is required. The BLQ-Ferrara or Ferrara-BLQ trip takes ~30min. Cost is 60-70euro. Please, ask the organizers for more information.

To reach Ferrara by train look for the Bologna-Venice line.
A few high speed trains stop in Ferrara (Venice-Rome line): AV9411 and AV9447 (to Rome), AV9406 and AV9450 (to Venice) only!

To reach the city center, both buses and taxi can be found near the railway station.

The closest highway is the A-13 (Bologna-Padua), with exits marked: Ferrara Nord and Ferrara Sud. Please be advised that the historical part of Ferrara is subject to limited car access and parking. Inquire your hotel  (see here for a list of hotels) about the availability of a parking place when placing your reservation.

The meeting venue and the suggested hotels are within walking distances from each other and about 20-25 min. from the railway station.


WiFi in University of Ferrara:

WIFI access is provided through University gateways.
In addition, eduroam SSID will be available in the meeting rooms.
Temporary accounts can be provided upon request.