Fiducial cross section chat



Presents: Andre, Michael, Adam, Robert, Massimiliano, Pasquale

There was a discussion on the proposal from the WG2 conveners, reported below[1].
WG1 conveners proposed to clearly separate the mandate of the fiducial cross section from the one of differential distributions predictions.
WG2 conveners agreed on that and pointed out that the original proposal went exactly in this direction. The mandate of the new task force
should be to formulate reccomendations on which observables to study and how to present the experimental results.

It was agreed that the scope of the task force will be clearly defined when formulating its mandate. WG1 and WG2 conveners also agreed to
converge on a proposal for the task force composition, to be submitted the SC for approval, by next week.
The baseline will be to have 4 contacts coordinating the task force, 2 theorists and 2 experimentalists.

Action items:
- WG1 and WG2 conveners will finalize the proposed list of contacts by the end of next week.
- The task force mandate will also be formulated on the same time-scale. Andre set up a shared documents
for this.



Original mail from WG2 conveners.

Dear SC members, Dear WG1 conveners,

during the final discussion of the workshop last week we got a request to discuss fiducial measurements in more details. We had a related meeting from WG2 in December (, but as we understand it there is a wish for more extensive discussion. We would therefore propose to create a joint WG1+WG2 task force for this topic. The mandate would be:
* discussion of observables from both a QCD and a Higgs measurement perspective
* discussion of fiducial selections: basic kinematic cuts, but also more detailed selections, like photon isolation definition, jet selection and cuts, ... to best match both experimental possibilities and theory calculations

The foreseen "output" of the task force would be a list of proposed measurements (short and medium term) which are interesting to the theory community and deemed possible by the experiments, ideally also giving some explanation what this measurement would allow to do.

Similar to other task forces, there should be one convener each from ATLAS and CMS and two theory conveners (one with a QCD focus and one with Higgs measurement focus?).

Please let us know what you think.
Best regards,
Adam, Andre, Gino, Michael


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