ARGUS Future and Support

31/S-023 (CERN)



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Meeting ARGUS developers and other security expert to discuss ARGUS future and support.

# ARGUS Developer Meeting - 6/3/2015

* Cristina Aiftimiei
* Vincent Brillault
* Andrea Ceccanti
* Michel Jouvin
* Maarten Litmaath
* Misha Salle
* Andrea Sciaba

## Discussion

INDIGO/Datacloud approved: some effort will be available in the future for ARGUS development/support
* As for now, still have to hire people

New release of `argus-pep-pdp-common` with Valery's patch: need to make it the official release
* Cristina had no clear view that it was the recommended version: could be added to next month update
* Need to add some release notes
  * Andrea will prepare a new RPM with an official release number and prepare the release notes from GGUS tickets
* Will need to update open issue with reference to the new official release

Open issues: mainly pepd blockage 
* CERN has suffered a few blockages not related to all the issues identified so far, in particular OCSP (fixed by argus-pdp-pep-common-1.4.1-0 deployed at CERN)
* We still need to establish a testbed to reproduce the issue, even though it is not completely clear if it is really correlated with high load
* Also establish a close communication channel between CERN product manager (Ben Jones), Maarten and Andrea to get a chance to examine the running
service when it is in trouble
  * No new occurence of the problem reported (occured?) at CERN in the last months...
  * May also be related to some other infrastructure problems at CERN or Java issues fixed by newer versions...
  * No other sites complained recently about the problem after applying the last patches
* Andrea C.: important to be able to stick with the recent updates of Java
  * Java updates have not always been straightforward: need to provide recommendations and a testing infrastructure to validate new versions
* Important to communicate about collaboration progress: a lot of expectations
* Must follow-up with contacts of potential partners like CESNET
* Important to communicate clearly about ARGUS status with projects like INDIGO who will need an authorization framework

## Actions

* Andrea/Cristina: Produce/release the new `argus-pep-pdp-common` RPM
* Maarten: establish a direct communication channel between Ben Jones and Andrea Ceccanti to get a change to troubleshoot a live service when ARGUS is
in bad shape
* Cristina/Andrea: contact CESNET about their possible participation to the collaboration
* ? : contact Krzysztof Benedicak, Java CANL developer/maintainer, also linked to Java SSL, about participation to Java PEP client

## Next meeting

Around mid-May: either a Vidyo meeting like today or a F2F meeting (EGI Conference?)
* No real need for a F2F meeting foreseen presently
* Wait for the kickoff meeting of the INDIGO project to have more concrete information about the potential impact on ARGUS

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    • 14:00 14:20
      Collaboration status 20m
      Impact of INDIGO/Datacloud approval
    • 14:20 14:40
      Release of new version 20m
      Valery's last patches Java issue
    • 14:40 15:00
      Review of open issues 20m