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Agnes Chavez is an artist and educator participating in a two-week research stay through the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. Chavez is using the stay to develop her art and education project, Projecting pARTicles, which will be exploring particle physics through projection art. Chavez experiments with data visualization, sound and projection art to create participatory environments. She collaborates with programmers to create algorithmic drawings projected on to buildings, walls and spaces. This work explores our relationship with nature and technology, and how these and other sensory experiences determine how we perceive and interpret the world around us.

For the Projecting pARTicles series she has formed an interdisciplinary team of programmers, artists, scientists and educators to investigate how we can create art and education interventions inspired by emerging particle physics theories. She says, ”This new understanding of the universe influences and inspires the way artists work with space, time and matter. ”

In her presentation at the CERN library, Agnes will share images and experiences from the Projecting Particles youth workshops that took place in New Mexico in collaboration with Dr. Steve Goldfarb and the Atlas Experiment Virtual Tour. She will share images of her projection art and discuss her latest plans to present an installation and youth workshop as an invited artist for the 12th Havana Biennial in Havana Cuba May 2015.

Agnes Chavez will present her work on Tuesday  17/03/2015 at1600  in the Library (Bldg. 52-1-052)

Coffee will be served from1530

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