Library events

On-line picture databases

by Christiane Montarbaud (CERN)

40-SS-D01 (CERN)



Laboratories, institutes and universities have over the past ten years taken up a technological and organisational challenge: the management of electronic databases. Such systems are built on three main points: a documentation base, a collection of files and an interactive catalogue. Structured information gives the benefit of a better dissemination of information which becomes permanently available for long term access over the Internet. The CERN has long experience with such a system as it has managed one since 1991 in the CERN central library, with documents such as preprints. Increasingly today, scientific communication is carried out via the exchange of multi-media data, such as photographs and videos. The CERN on-line picture database is a collection of interesting and historically relevant photographs. 2500 digitised items including photographs, charts and drawings can currently be accessed via the World Wide Web interface, at During this talk, the construction of this database will be explained. Special aspects of photograph management will be underlined. Demonstrations of the catalogue will be made.