7-9 October 2015
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The Centro Nacional de Aceleradores, CNA, was founded in 1997 by a collaboration between
the University of Seville, the Government of Andalusia and the CSIC (the Spanish National
Research Council). It is a Singular Scientific and Technological Installation (ICTS) dedicated to interdisciplinary research with ions accelerators.

There are three accelerators available at the CNA:

  • A 3 MV Tandem van de Graaff accelerator
  • A Cyclotron that provides protons of 18 MeV and deuterons of 9 MeV
  • A Tandem Cockcroft‐Walton accelerator, so called 1 MV Tandetron, used for mass spectrometry.

The applications of the accelerators available at the CNA, amongst others, cover fields such as material sciences, environmental sciences, nuclear and particle physics, instrumentation,  medical images treatment as well as biomedical research.

The CNA, is located at:
Avenida Thomas Alva Edison n º 7
Parque Tecnológico Cartuja '93
E‐41092 Seville – Spain
Contact information: Phone: (+34) 954460553 // Fax: (+34) 954460145

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