ISOLDE Seminar

Laser double resonance spectroscopy measurement of 84-87Rb isotopes trapped in super fluid helium

by Xiaofei Yang (KU Leuven)



A new method-OROCHI (Optical RI-atom Observation in Condensed Helium as Ion-catcher) was developed for laser spectroscopy measurement of radioactive isotopes (RIs) in superfluid helium (He II) using a small and controllable number of atoms. In this method, taking advantages of He II as the trapping medium of energetic ion beam and matrix of trapped atoms, we aim to systematically determine the nuclear spins and moments of RIs with a low yield. This measurement is based on the observation of Zeeman and Hyperfine structure by optical pumping and double resonance method. The first online experiment has been also performed with energetic beams of 84-87Rb (energy: >60 MeV/u) provided by the RIKEN projectile fragment separator (RIPS). We have succeeded in the trapping, polarization, and laser spectroscopy measurement of 84-87Rb isotopes in He II. In this talk, details of OROCHI technique as well as the on-line experimental results will be presented.