Reliability of Accelerators for Accelerator Driven Systems

774/R-013 (CERN)



Prevessin Auditorium
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This workshop focuses on reliability of accelerators for Accelerator Driven Systems, organised in the framework of the EuCARD2 WP4 (Accelerator Applications) activities.

The workshop will take place at CERN (Geneva) over 2 days (22-23 June 2015), with the aim of encouraging interaction and exchange of information among different partners (accelerator scientists, engineers, academic staff and students) and finding synergies amongst different European institutions. The workshop program will cover the issues of reliability modelling, failure analysis and fault tracking, analyses of individual systems’ availability, architectural reliability of different technological design solutions. A review of present operational experience at various machines will serve as baseline for discussion on how to meet the challenging requirements that have been set for operation of ADS accelerators.

AccApplic is a networking activity with the funded EuCARD-2 European project on particle accelerators, addressing the applied areas of industry, healthcare, energy production and security. Amongst its objectives is to” determine the requirements for high power accelerator applications, in particular for Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS)”. More information is available here.


  • Adrian Eugen Pitigoi
  • Alessandra Lombardi
  • Andrea Apollonio
  • Antonio Vergara Fernandez
  • Arto Niemi
  • Benjamin Todd
  • Biarrotte Jean-Luc
  • Chris Roderick
  • Dirk Vandeplassche
  • Enric Bargalló
  • Frank Gerigk
  • Frank Jakob
  • Frederic Bouly
  • Ghislain Roy
  • Giulia Bellodi
  • Ignacio Prieto Diaz
  • Joachim Grillenberger
  • Johannes Gutleber
  • Jose Manuel Arroyo
  • Jussi-Pekka Penttinen
  • Luis Medeiros Romao
  • marcello losasso
  • Maurizio Vretenar
  • Mike Seidel
  • Peter Sollander
  • Raymond Wasef
  • Richard Scrivens
  • rossano giachino
  • Rudiger Schmidt
  • Tobias Griesemer
  • Volker Schramm