October 3, 2008
The Globe of Science and Innovation
Europe/Zurich timezone
The Worldwide Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Computing Grid collaboration cordially invites you to attend the LHC Grid Fest.
The LHC Grid Fest celebrates the readiness of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, an e-infrastructure conceived and designed to manage an estimated 15 million gigabytes of data every year—and with this tool, to support the research of more than 7000 physicists around the globe.
The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid is not only a celebration of technology and innovation, but also of international collaboration and cooperation. We invite you to join government and funding agency representatives and scientists across the world in commemorating the start of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid’s massive data challenge.

Please ensure that you register before 26 September 2008, as attendance at this event is strictly limited to registered guests. You may also register for tours at this time.


WLCG - See the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid in action
ALICE - Learn more about LHC ALICE experiment in heavy-ion detection
ATLAS - Talk physics with the team from the 7000-tonne LHC ATLAS experiment
LHCb - Discover the “b” for “beauty” in the LHCb experiment
CMS – Understand the “compact” in the 12,500-tonne LHC Compact Muon Solenoid experiment
Health-e-Child - Apply grid computing to children’s health
ITER - Get closer to clean energy thanks to grid-enabled research in to fusion energy
OSG - Learn more about grid applications on the U.S.-based Open Science Grid - see also "Open Science Grid for today's event"
WISDOM - Join the fight against disease thanks to grid-enabled drug discovery

The Globe of Science and Innovation
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