Feb 15 – 19, 2016
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Development of solar blind UV extended APD for the readout of Barium Floride crystals

Feb 17, 2016, 12:20 PM
EI8 (Vienna University of Technology)


Vienna University of Technology

Gusshausstraße 27-29, 1040 Wien
Talk Miscellaneous Photon Detectors


David Hitlin (Caltech)


In order to take advantage of the very fast scintillation component of barium fluoride (decay time 0.9 ns at 220 nm) it is necessary to have a fast photosensor with high efficiency in the UV that is also able to discriminate against the larger slow (decay time 650ns at 300 nm) scintillation component. We have developed a large area avalanche photodiode photosensor that has high quantum efficiency at 220 nm, strong discrimination against the 300 nm component and good rise and decay times. This sensor makes it possible to build a radiation-hard calorimeter based on barium fluoride for the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab that has good energy and time resolution and high rate capability.

Primary author

David Hitlin (Caltech)

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