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Feb 15 – 19, 2016
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Laser processing in 3D Diamond Detectors

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

Gusshausstraße 27-29, 1040 Wien
Board: 47
Poster Semiconductor Detectors


Steven Alexander Murphy (University of Manchester (GB))


A technique for electrode production within diamond using a femtosecond laser system is described. Diagnosis tests to quantify the stress, the diamond to graphite ratio, and the resistivity of these electrodes are discussed. A 3D electronic grade single crystal diamond detector produced using this technique is shown, and the electrodes have a resistivity of O($\Omega cm$). An improvement to the technique through the use of an adaptive wavefront shows a reduction of the diamond to graphite ratio, and smaller, higher quality electrodes were manufactured.

Primary author

Steven Alexander Murphy (University of Manchester (GB))


Alexander Oh (University of Manchester (GB)) Mr Andrij Zadoroshnyj (University of Manchester) Mr Bangshan Sun (University of Oxford) Dr David Whitehead (University of Manchester) Giulio Tiziano Forcolin (University of Manchester (GB)) Iain Haughton (University of Manchester (GB)) Prof. Lin Li (University of Manchester) Prof. Martin Booth (University of Oxford) Dr Patrick Salter (University of Oxford)

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