Collaboration meeting



# ARGUS Meeting - 3/7/2015

Present: Andrea Ceccanti, Andrea Manzi, Michel, Mischa, Maarten, Vincenzo


## General News

INDIGO : people selection done
* People will start Sept. or October
* WP4 (IaaS + Storage/StoRM) and WP5 (Authorization)
* Details of their contribution still to be defined

## Issues

Postmortem of pepd problem at CERN: recent interaction started, no finding yet
* Agreement with B. Jones about snapshoting the VMs when stopping the service
* Almost certain that this is not load-related
* Will try to attach a profiler to the VM

## Java8/EL7 Support

All the servers components + API + CLI are built on CentOS7 with Java8
* Built with a docker container: easy to import the build infrastructure
* Temporarily dropped the dependency on voms-api-java (last version brought by canl) not yet available
  * Probably after the summer
  * Not a blocker presently: can still use the existing version
* Still using old Jetty, BouncyCastle and canl
* First tests showed no problem
  * elliptic curve is disabled by default in last version of Java8
* Need to test compatibility matrix with older clients in particular (or new client with old server)
  * NIKHEF has a test infrastructure based on Jenkins, using the test suite on GitHub
  * We can restrict the matrix and the upgrade scenarios based on the problem discovered
* May be ready for release in first UMD-4 version (end of Sept.)

Still have to integrate with new BouncyCastle and new canl versions
* canl v2: breaks backward compability, availability not yet clear (work in progress)
* Can be done as a second step
* BouncyCastle is required for fixing the elliptic curve pb... but trigs the canl/voms-api-java upgrade
  * Whether the problem is really fixed in the latest BC is still unknown. But it breaks due to
  the old BC and we need to test the latest version to know whether it is fixed.

Other things to discuss
* Jetty upgrade : later
  * When we have the new INDIGO people onboard
* Configuration tool: continue to support YAIM?
  * Prefer to use Puppet in a way similar to DPM: run in standalone mode through a wrapper

Also need to discuss Ubuntu support, in particular for clients
* Probably not worth the effort for the servers
* Servers used to exist for Debian 6
* c-clients are probably quite straightforward: wait for a request
  * FedCloud?

## AOB

Next meeting: Sept. 4, 2:30 pm
* Follow up with compatibility tests, UMD-4 plans

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