25 August 2008 to 5 October 2008
Europe/Zurich timezone
Blackholes have challenged accepted fundamental physical properties as unitarity and locality for some time. Some of their properties are encoded in elegent mathematics and some four-dimensional properties like the no-hair theorem seem to get substantial higher dimensional corrections. Blackholes thermodynamics has provided a fertile arena to understand deep issues of quantum gravity and quantum field theory. The Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula is still far from being fully understood. String theory has provided new insights in many of these problems. The entropy of some blackholes was calculated microscopically. Using the AdS/CFT correspondence relations were found between blackholes and gauge theories. There seems to be a useful exchange between the holographic principle and the physics of heavy ion collisions and the deconfinement transition in QCD. The role of gravity in gauge theories is still largely unexplored. The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts in the many active areas of Blackhole physics, to lead to the exchange of point of views and foster further progress.
TH Theory Conference Room