BE Seminar

Protecting LHC IP1/IP5 components against radiation resulting from colliding beam interactions

by Nikolai MOKHOV (FNAL)

SL Auditorium (CERN)

SL Auditorium


Beam-induced energy deposition in the LHC high luminosity interaction region (IR) components due to both pp-collisions and beam loss in the IR vicinity is a significant challenge for the design of the high luminosity insertions. In this talk the results of thorough optimization and comprehensive MARS calculations are summarized for the LHC lattice, version 6.4, for the updated IP1 and IP5 layouts and a baseline pp-collision source term. Power density, power dissipation, particle fluxes and spectra, accumulated dose and residual dose rates are studied in the components of the inner triplets including their TAS absorbers, the TAN neutral beam absorbers, separation dipoles, and quadrupoles of the outer triplets and possible collimators there. The current design is proved to provide the best safety margin under realistic engineering constraints.

Organiser: Werner Herr (AB/ABP)