PS Seminar

High-Current Beam Physics Studies at GSI

by Ingo HOFMANN (GSI Darmstadt)

PS Auditorium (CERN)

PS Auditorium


Space-charge-dominated beams are of increasing interest in the light of proposed high-current projects like spallation sources, proton drivers, radioactive beam facilities and inertial fusion. Coherent space charge effects associated with space charge raise new issues. Some of them have been studied experimentally with the SIS and ESR machines at GSI and interpreted by means of computer simulation programs developed for this purpose. Examples are measurements on longitudinal instabilities as well as on transverse quadrupolar oscillations used for emittance measurements. We also present results on coherent tune shift effects during resonance crossing and apply them to multiturn injection with skew quadrupoles and to bunch compression. Possible applications to future projects at GSI are discussed.

Organiser(s): B. AUTIN/PS