PS Seminar

What Makes ISOLDE a Unique RIB Facility?

by J. Lettry, M. Lindroos (CERN-PS)

PS Auditorium (CERN)

PS Auditorium


ISOLDE delivers ion-beams of more than 700 radioisotopes out of the 3000 known to an ever-growing user community of over 400 physicists. The facility went through a major upgrade in the early 1990s with the move from the 600 MeV synchrocyclotron to the 1 GeV PS-Booster proton synchrotron, followed by a primary proton beam energy increase to 1.4 GeV in 1999.
Lately, an important step forward was taken with the start of the REX-ISOLDE experiment. Thanks to charge breeding and post acceleration, a large fraction of ISOLDE's exotic ions beams will be delivered at energies of a few MeV per nucleons, thus reaching the coulomb barrier.
The targets and ion-sources of ISOLDE will be described and an overview of mid and long term plans for the facility will be outlined. Whenever possible, comparison with other ISOL facilities will be drawn.

Organiser(s): Simon BAIRD - PS/OP

Note: Please note unusual date (Friday) - moved from 7.01.2002.