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    • 4:00 PM 5:05 PM
      • 4:00 PM
        Minutes and Matters Arising 5m
        Speaker: A.Aimar
        • Update on the SAM availability and reliability tests
          Speaker: Dr Ian Bird (CERN)
      • 4:05 PM
        Action List Review 5m
      • 4:10 PM
        Review Items to follow (in the MB Action List) 10m
        * End-points for ALICE at RAL * CMS transfer rate to RAL * NDGF Status and requests from ALICE and ATLAS * Transfers of Job Log back to CERN * Data Transfers from the WN to CERN (LHCb)
      • 4:20 PM
        Summary of the Service Status and Experiments Activities 15m
        As agreed in the MB of 30 May, a combined action list was setup and reviewed weekly through the LCG ECM. The state of this list was regularly reported to the MB, and covered in the paper (see attachment) submitted to the LHCC comprehensive review.

        Please see that document for details of the various problems (including some of the above) and their resolution.

        Speaker: Dr Jamie Shiers (CERN)
      • 4:35 PM
        3D Phase 2 Sites - Update from the Sites 20m
        The 3D Phase 2 sites should specify milestones for installing and commissioning their 3D installations. TRIUMF and PIC did so. NDGF and SARA-NIKHEF should specify the milestones for hardware, software and operations.
        Speaker: NDGF, PIC, SARA, TRIUMF
      • 4:55 PM
        AOB 5m