3-10 August 2016
Chicago IL USA
US/Central timezone
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Thick-wall, Liquid-Filled Quartz Capillaries for Scintillation and Wavelength Shifting Applications

Aug 6, 2016, 6:00 PM
Riverwalk A/B

Riverwalk A/B

Poster Detector: R&D and Performance Poster Session


Prof. Randy Ruchti (University of Notre Dame)


We have been developing a readout method for Shashlik Electromagnetic Calorimetry based upon liquid-filled capillaries fabricated from radiation hard (high OH content) fused silica. The liquids are waveshifters, capable of shifting scintillation light from 425nm (emission from LYSO (Ce) crystals or conventional plastic scintillator) to wavelengths in the green (500nm). While the liquid in the capillary core serves as the light source, the Quartz capillaries provide the bulk of the optical path through which the wave shifted light is transmitted to photosensors. Characteristics and performance of prototype structures will be presented, as well as plans for further development of the technique.

Primary author

Prof. Randy Ruchti (University of Notre Dame)


Dr Adolf Bornheim (California Institute of Technology) Mr Adriaan Heering (University of Notre Dame) Dr Alexander Ledovskoy (University of Virginia) Mr Barry Baumbaugh (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Brad Cox (University of Virginia) Mr Brian Dolezal (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Christopher Neu (University of Virginia) Prof. Colin Jessop (University of Notre Dame) Mr Connor Mohs (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Daniel Karmgard (University of Notre Dame) Mr Daniel Ruggiero (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Harvey Newman (California Institue of Technology) Dr Hengne Li (University of Virginia) Mr Jeffrey Marchant (University of Notre Dame) Mr John Taylor (University of Notre Dame) Mr Mark Vigneault (University of Notre Dame) Mr Michael Arenton (University of Virginia) Mr Michael McKenna (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Mitchell Wayne (University of Notre Dame) Mr Nabarun Dev (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Nancy Marinelli (University of Notre Dame) Ms Nerissa Siwietz (University of Notre Dame) Mr Patrick Link (University of Notre Dame) Mr Paul Debbins (University of Iowa) Dr Renyuan Zhu (California Institute of Technology) Prof. Robert Hirosky (University of Virginia) Prof. Yasar Onel (University of Iowa) Dr Yuri Musienko (University of Notre Dame)

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