3-10 August 2016
Chicago IL USA
US/Central timezone
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Tests of CPT Symmetry in B0 - B0bar Mixing and in B0 -> c cbar K0 Decays

Aug 8, 2016, 6:30 PM
Riverwalk A/B

Riverwalk A/B

Poster Quark and Lepton Flavor Physics Poster Session


Gerald Eigen (University of Bergen)


Using the Ci and Si values of the eight rates Ni ~ exp(-Gamma t) (1 + Ci cos(Delta m t) + Si sin(Delta m t)) for the decays Upsilon(4S) -> B0 B0bar -> f_1 f_2, with f_1 = l nu X before and after f_2 = c cbar KS (KL) as measured by the BABAR experiment with the full data set of 470 million B Bbar events [PRL 109, 211801 (2012)], we determine the three CPT-sensitive parameters Re(z), Im(z) and |A/Abar|, where A and Abar are the amplitudes for B0 -> c cbar K0 and B0bar -> c cbar K0bar decays, respectively. The results are in agreement with CPT symmetry.

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