Dec 7 – 8, 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone

After the last appointment in October 2014 in Naples, we are proud to invite you to join the DPM workshop 2015 at CERN.

DPM is one of the most important storage managers of the Grid environment. It is installed in roughly 180 sites, hosting about 60PB of massively accessed data.

One of the strongest aspects of DPM is the cooperation with the numerous system administrators that have deployed it, and the goal of the DPM workshop is to discuss the aspects that are related to it.

This last year has seen DPM continuing its evolution, emphasizing the consolidation of the technologies inside it. Particular emphasis has been put into the setup, after last year's deprecation of YAIM.

The push towards giving powerful HTTP and WebDAV access to large storage clusters has also continued, while giving high priority to maintaining the support for the common Grid protocols at the highest level of quality. This year we go a bit further, and start asking ourselves how to make optional some of the legacy features and libraries of DPM.

Keeping the continuity from the discussions of last year, this appontment in CERN is dedicated to show and discuss items like:

  • current status of the implementation of the features
  • current status of the deployment in sites
  • points of view of the system administrators, that made DPM a successful system
  • current status of the codebase
  • status of the new Jenkins build system after the transition
  • availability of the packages in the mainstream repositories
  • deprecation of YAIM and transition to Puppet-based setups
  • federating DPMs using the Xrootd and HTTP protocols
  • plans about making the legacy components (srm. dpmd, dpns, rfio, csec, libshift) optional


31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre
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