7-11 September 2015
Warsaw, Poland
Europe/Zurich timezone

The relic density of heavy neutralinos

8 Sep 2015, 15:00
Rm 207 ()

Rm 207


Andrzej Hryczuk (TU Munich, Germany)


We will discuss the relic density of TeV-scale neutralino dark matter in the pMSSM. We have recently developed a framework enabling us to calculate the Sommerfeld enhanced relic density in general pMSSM scenarios. We will present the results of a thorough investigation of certain regions of parameter space, focussing in particular on departures from the well known pure wino scenario: namely the effect of sfermion masses being non-decoupled and of allowing non-negligible higgsino or bino components in the lightest neutralino. The results reveal a number of phenomenologically interesting but so far unexplored regions of parameter space. Near the region where the Sommerfeld enhancement is resonant, the combined effect of non-decoupled sfermions and significant higgsino-wino mixing allows regions with both the correct relic density and the potential for sizeable indirect detection rates.

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