COSMO-15, the 19th annual International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology

from Monday, September 7, 2015 (8:00 AM) to Friday, September 11, 2015 (10:00 PM)
Warsaw, Poland

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Sep 7, 2015
Sep 8, 2015
Sep 9, 2015
Sep 10, 2015
Sep 11, 2015
8:00 AM --- Registration ---
9:00 AM
Plenary - Carlos Martins (until 10:25 AM) (Main Hall)
9:00 AM Welcome and introduction - Leszek Roszkowski (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   (Main Hall)
9:10 AM Opening address - Grzegorz Wrochna (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   (Main Hall)
9:15 AM Recent advances in astrophysics of cosmic rays and gamma-ray astronomy - Igor Moskalenko (Stanford University, United States)   (Main Hall)
9:50 AM How to learn to love the BOSS (Baryon Oscillations Spectroscopic Survey) - Shirley Ho (Carnegie Mellon University, United States)   (Main Hall)
10:25 AM --- Coffee ---
10:55 AM
Plenary - Jun'ichi Yokoyama (until 12:40 PM) (Main Hall)
10:55 AM The Mysterious Neutrinos - Clues from Astrophysics and Cosmology - John Beacom (Ohio State University, United States)   (Main Hall)
11:30 AM Leptogenesis and Flavour Models - Stephen King (University of Southampton, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
12:05 PM Vacuum (meta?)stability and Higgs inflation - Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL, Switzerland)   (Main Hall)
9:00 AM
Plenary - Matts Roos (until 10:10 AM) (Main Hall)
9:00 AM Indirect Searches for Particle Dark Matter - Torsten Bringmann (University of Oslo, Norway)   (Main Hall)
9:35 AM Viscous dark matter - Nikolaos Tetradis (University of Athens, Greece)   (Main Hall)
10:10 AM --- Coffee ---
10:40 AM
Plenary - Eric Linder (until 12:30 PM) (Main Hall)
10:40 AM Recent CMB results from Planck - Anthony Challinor (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
11:15 AM Large scale structure of the Universe: the angular power spectrum and bispectrum - Ruth Durrer (Universite de Geneve, Switzerland)   (Main Hall)
11:50 AM General Relativity: its creation, classical tests and new effects in rotating systems - Edward Malec (Institute of Physics Jagiellonian University, Poland)   (Main Hall)
9:00 AM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Tomasz Bulik (until 10:40 AM) (Main Hall)
9:00 AM The Abundance of Extreme Cosmic Voids - Siri Chongchitnan (University of Hull, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
9:20 AM Tension between the power spectrum of density perturbations measured on large and small scales - Tom Charnock (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
9:40 AM Intrinsic galaxy size correlations and their importance for weak lensing - Robert Crittenden (Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
10:00 AM CMB lensing and deflection angles in high precison cosmology - Giuseppe Fanizza (Universita di Bari, Italy)   (Main Hall)
10:20 AM Is there evidence for anisotropy in CMB data? - Daniela Saadeh (University College London, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
9:00 AM
Dark Energy - Marek Biesiada (until 10:40 AM) (Rm 207)
9:00 AM Numerical Problems in Perturbed Coupled Quintessence - Alexander Leithes (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)   (Rm 207)
9:20 AM Cosmology with strong gravitational lensing systems - Aleksandra Piorkowska (University of Silesia, Poland)   (Rm 207)
9:40 AM Interacting dark energy in light of CMB, lensing, and BAO data - Elina Palmgren (Helsinki institute of physics, Finland)   (Rm 207)
10:00 AM Dark energy:Testing gravity in Voids and Halos - Douglas Spolyar (Stockholm University OKC, Sweden)   (Rm 207)
10:20 AM The Dynamical Evolution Of A Galaxy Cluster: The Local Effect Of Dark Energy - Martina Donnari (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)   (Rm 207)
9:00 AM
Inflation and phase transitions - Kari Enqvist (until 10:40 AM) (Rm 111+112)
9:00 AM Mixed Inflaton and Spectator Field Models: CMB constraints and \\mu distortion - Tomo Takahashi (Saga University, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
9:20 AM L-R neutrino oscillation during preheating - Tomohiro Matsuda (Saitama Institute of Technology, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
9:40 AM Stabilizing the Planck mass shortly after inflation - Adam Christopherson (University of Florida, United States)   (Rm 111+112)
10:00 AM Single superfield inflation, moduli stabilization, and supersymmetry breaking - Takahiro TERADA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
10:20 AM Massive primordial black holes from hybrid inflation as dark matter and the seeds of galaxies - Sebastien clesse (University of Namur, Belgium)   (Rm 111+112)
9:00 AM
Inflation and phase transitions - Mark Hindmarsh (until 10:40 AM) (Rm 115+116)
9:00 AM Domain wall formation via axion roulette and axion domain wall baryogenesis - Naoya Kitajima (Tohoku University, Japan)   (Rm 115+116)
9:20 AM Chasing monopoles - Asier Lopez-Eiguren (University of the Basque Country, Spain)   (Rm 115+116)
9:40 AM Random walks in deSitter - Gerasimos Rigopoulos (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
10:00 AM The observational position of simple non-minimally coupled inflationary scenarios - David Edwards (Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
10:20 AM Astrophysical and Cosmological Probes of Cosmic String Networks - Andrew Long (KICP, United States)   (Rm 115+116)
10:40 AM --- Coffee ---
11:10 AM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Tomasz Bulik (until 12:50 PM) (Main Hall)
11:10 AM New approach to cosmological perturbation theory from an effective action - Mikhail Ivanov (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland)   (Main Hall)
11:30 AM Anisotropic Correlations in Fourier Phases - Alexander Eggemeier (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
11:50 AM Backreaction in Growing Neutrino Quintessence - Florian Fuehrer (Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Germany)   (Main Hall)
12:10 PM Evading non-linearities: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations at the linear point - Stefano Anselmi (Case Western Reserve University, United States)   (Main Hall)
12:30 PM .   (Main Hall)
11:10 AM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Marek Biesiada (until 12:50 PM) (Rm 207)
11:10 AM General relativistic corrections in N-body simulations -- The N-body gauge - Christian Fidler (CP3 , Belgium)   (Rm 207)
11:30 AM Weak lensing signals induced from second-order vector perturbation - Shohei Saga (Nagoya University, Japan)   (Rm 207)
11:50 AM Using dark energy to suppress power at small scales - Ignacy Sawicki (University of Geneva, Switzerland)   (Rm 207)
12:10 PM Constraining higher-order primordial non-Gaussianity from power spectra and bispectra of imaging survey - Ichihiko Hashimoto (Kyoto University, Japan)   (Rm 207)
12:30 PM How to model the effect of small-scale structures on light propagation? - Pierre Fleury (IAP, France)   (Rm 207)
11:10 AM
Inflation and phase transitions - Kari Enqvist (until 12:50 PM) (Rm 111+112)
11:10 AM Liberating vector fields from their CMB anisotropy constraint - Juan Carlos Bueno Sanchez (Universidad Antonio Narino, Colombia)   (Rm 111+112)
11:30 AM Renormalization in Higgs inflation - Sander Mooij (FCFM, Universidad de Chile, Chile)   (Rm 111+112)
11:50 AM Inflation, quantum gravity and the latest Planck data - Ippocratis Saltas (University of Lisbon, Portugal)   (Rm 111+112)
12:10 PM A universal threat to single-field inflation - Sebastien Renaux-Petel (IAP, France)   (Rm 111+112)
12:30 PM Non-metric inflation - Tomi Koivisto (Nordita, Sweden)   (Rm 111+112)
11:10 AM
Inflation and phase transitions - Mark Hindmarsh (until 12:50 PM) (Rm 115+116)
11:10 AM Three-Dimensional Quantum Bubble Collisions - Jonathan Braden (University College London, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
11:30 AM Fate of the Primordial Higgs Condensate - Sami Nurmi (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)   (Rm 115+116)
11:50 AM Bounds on the hidden Universe - Subodh Patil (University of Geneva, Switzerland)   (Rm 115+116)
12:10 PM Gravitational Waves in the Supersymmetric Extensions of the SM - Germano Nardini (DESY, Germany)   (Rm 115+116)
12:30 PM Vector and tensor contributions to the curvature perturbation at second order - Pedro Gregorio Carrilho (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
9:00 AM
Plenary - Ruth Gregory (until 10:10 AM) (Main Hall)
9:00 AM Theoretical approaches to the Dark Energy paradigm - David Polarski (University Montpellier, France)   (Main Hall)
9:35 AM Quantum break time for cosmological constant - Gia Dvali (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Germany)   (Main Hall)
10:10 AM --- Coffee ---
10:40 AM
Plenary - Fernando Quevedo (until 12:30 PM) (Main Hall)
10:40 AM Aligned Axionic Inflation - Hans-Peter Nilles (University of Bonn, Germany)   (Main Hall)
11:15 AM Cosmological Collider Physics - Juan Maldacena (IAS, United States)   (Main Hall)
11:50 AM Area Law and Second Law in Cosmology - Raphael Bousso (UC Berkeley, United States)   (Main Hall)
9:00 AM
Plenary - Hans-Peter Nilles (until 10:10 AM) (Main Hall)
9:00 AM Dark Energy at the Crossroads - Dragan Huterer (University of Michigan, United States)   (Main Hall)
9:35 AM Creation of the Inflationary Universe - Jun'ichi Yokoyama (RESCEU The University of Tokyo, Japan)   (Main Hall)
10:10 AM --- Coffee ---
10:40 AM
Plenary - Katherine Freese (until 12:40 PM) (Main Hall)
10:40 AM Realisations of de Sitter space and inflation in string compactifications - Fernando Quevedo (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy)   (Main Hall)
11:15 AM Searches for new physics at the LHC - Livia Soffi (Cornell University, United States)   (Main Hall)
11:50 AM From precision spectroscopy to fundamental cosmology: current and future tests of the stability of fundamental couplings - Carlos Martins (CAUP, Portugal)   (Main Hall)
12:25 PM Outlook - Leszek Roszkowski (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   (Main Hall)
12:40 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Plenary - John Beacom (until 3:45 PM) (Main Hall)
2:00 PM Perspectives of discoveries in intergalactic space - Matteo Viel (INAF OATs, Italy)   (Main Hall)
2:35 PM Numerical simulations of large scale structure: overview and outlook - Debora Sijacki (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
3:10 PM Overview of WIMP Dark Matter - Katherine Freese (Nordita, Sweden and University of Michigan, United States)   (Main Hall)
3:45 PM --- Coffee ---
4:15 PM
Plenary - Stephen King (until 6:00 PM) (Main Hall)
4:15 PM Beyond the thermal WIMP dark matter - Ki-Young Choi (KASI, Republic of Korea)   (Main Hall)
4:50 PM Direct Searches for WIMP Dark Matter - Marc Schumann (University of Bern, Switzerland)   (Main Hall)
5:25 PM The battlegrounds of gamma-ray detection of dark matter: the Galactic Center and dwarf galaxies - Miguel Sanchez-Condé (Oskar Klein Centre and Stockholm University, Sweden)   (Main Hall)
7:00 PM --- Welcome Reception ---
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
12:30 PM
Poster Session (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:30 PM Aspects of topos theory in cosmology - Krzysztof Bielas (Institute of Physics, University of Silesia, Poland)   ()
12:31 PM Constructing N-body Simulations with General Relativistic Dynamics - Mateja Gosenca (Astronomy Centre, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   ()
12:32 PM Lambda Units and Lambda Quantum of Action have they any physical sense - Ludwik Kostro (Ateneum-University in Gdansk, Poland)   ()
12:33 PM The local effect of Dark Energy on the evolution of galaxy clusters: the formation of massive structures in the cluster centre - Manuel Arca Sedda (University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy)   ()
12:34 PM General formalism for bigravity perturbations - Giulia Cusin (Département de Physique Théorique and Center for Astroparticle Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland)   ()
12:35 PM Revisiting f(R) cosmology - Luisa Jaime (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University, Germany)   ()
12:36 PM Cosmic acceleration with a negative cosmological constant in higher dimensions - Nobuyoshi Ohta (Department of Physics, Kinki University, Japan)   ()
12:37 PM Bigravity from gradient expansion in DGP 2-brane model - Yasuho Yamashita (Yukawa Institute for Theoritical Physics, Japan)   ()
12:38 PM Corrections from the quantum sub-structure of the background metric - Sebastian Zell (Department of Physics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Germany)   ()
12:39 PM Relativistic systems of Fermions with anisotropy and cutoff energy in their distribution function - Martina Donnari (Department of Physics, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy)   ()
12:40 PM Supersymmetric dark matter with low reheating temperature - Sebastian Trojanowski (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   ()
12:41 PM Sensitivity of CTA to dark matter annihilations in the galactic centre - Andrew Williams (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   ()
12:42 PM The end of the beginning: isocurvature modes in primordial black hole dark matter - Sam Young (Physics and Astronomy, University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   ()
12:44 PM Inflation from radion gauge-Higgs potential at Planck scale - Yugo Abe (Shinshu University, Japan)   ()
12:45 PM Evolution of density perturbations in inflationary models with two scalar fields and with different sound speeds - Lukasz Dulny (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland)   ()
12:47 PM Avoiding the Higgs deflation - Vera-Maria Enckell (Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland)   ()
12:48 PM Particle production in the expanding universe - Olga Czerwinska (University of Warsaw, Poland)   ()
12:49 PM Field range bound and consistency in generalized G-inflation - Taro Kunimitsu (RESCEU University of Tokyo, Japan)   ()
12:50 PM Scale-invariant top condensate model as the solution to the hierarchy problem and its cosmological implications - Jie Liang (School of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia)   ()
12:51 PM Hill crossing after hilltop inflation - Stefano Orani (University of Basel, Switzerland)   ()
12:52 PM Universality classes for models of inflation - Mauro Pieroni (AstroParticle and Cosmology laboratory, Paris Diderot University-Paris 7, France)   ()
12:53 PM A Recipe for a Strong First Order Electroweak Phase Transition - Christopher Harman (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   ()
12:54 PM Gravitational waves from slow-roll inflation in Lorentz-violating Weyl gravity - Kohji Yajima (Department of Physics, Rikkyo University, Japan)   ()
12:55 PM Model-independent constraints on modified gravity from current and future RSD and Supernovae Ia measurements - Laura Taddei (ITP Heidelberg, Germany)   ()
12:56 PM Scaling in a network of cosmic necklaces - David Weir (University of Stavanger, Norway)   ()
2:00 PM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Ruth Durrer (until 3:40 PM) (Main Hall)
2:00 PM CMB Lensing and Scale Dependent New Physics - Eric Linder (UC Berkeley, United States)   (Main Hall)
2:20 PM On soft limits of large-scale structure correlation functions - Laura Sagunski (DESY, Germany)   (Main Hall)
2:40 PM Intensity Mapping and One-Point Statistics - Patrick Breysse (Johns Hopkins University, United States)   (Main Hall)
3:00 PM Measuring the speed of light with Baryon Acoustic Oscillations - Vincenzo Salzano (University of Szczecin, Poland)   (Main Hall)
3:20 PM Non-parametric Reconstruction of the Hubble Expansion History - Hu Zhan (National Astronomical Observatories of China, China)   (Main Hall)
2:00 PM
Dark Energy - Dragan Huterer (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 115+116)
2:00 PM Cosmology of massive gravity - Matteo Fasiello (Stanford University, United States)   (Rm 115+116)
2:20 PM UV inspired f(R) - Benedict Broy (Theory Group, DESY, Germany)   (Rm 115+116)
2:40 PM Modified gravity inside astrophysical bodies - Ryo Saito (Laboratoire APC, France)   (Rm 115+116)
3:00 PM Numerical forecasts for atom interferometry experiments constraining modified gravity - Sandrine Schloegel (UNamur, Belgium)   (Rm 115+116)
3:20 PM Equation of state of dark energy in f(R) gravity - Kazufumi Takahashi (RESCEU The University of Tokyo, Japan)   (Rm 115+116)
2:00 PM
Dark Matter - Ki-Young Choi (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 207)
2:00 PM Detecting Particle Dark Matter Signatures by Cross-Correlating Gamma-Ray Anisotropies with Weak Lensing - Stefano Camera (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, United Kingdom)   (Rm 207)
2:20 PM Interplay of ID, DD, and LHC searches in the MSSM - Enrico Maria Sessolo (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   (Rm 207)
2:40 PM Explaining the Galactic Center Excess with the MSSM - Alejandro Lopez (University of Michigan, United States)   (Rm 207)
3:00 PM The relic density of heavy neutralinos - Andrzej Hryczuk (TU Munich, Germany)   (Rm 207)
3:20 PM Nano-explosive detector for Dark Matter and Neutrinos - Maciej Gorski (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)   (Rm 207)
2:00 PM
Inflation and phase transitions - Kari Enqvist (until 3:40 PM) ()
2:00 PM Dynamically Induced Planck Scale and Inflation - Antonio Racioppi (NICPB, Estonia)   ()
2:20 PM Composite Cosmology - Djuna Croon (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   ()
2:40 PM Tensor and scalar perturbations from dilaton-induced gauge fields - Kiwoon Choi (KAIST, Republic of Korea)   ()
3:00 PM Is it Inflation? - Will Kinney (SUNY Buffalo, United States)   ()
3:20 PM Inflationary fossils in large scale structures - Emanuela Dimastrogiovanni (ASU, United States)   ()
3:40 PM --- Coffee ---
4:10 PM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Bronisław Rudak (until 6:10 PM) (Main Hall)
4:10 PM The SPIDER experiment: Instrument review, flight performance, and preliminary results - Jon Gudmundsson (Stockholm University, Sweden)   (Main Hall)
4:30 PM Oscillations in the CMB bispectrum - Moritz Munchmeyer (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Institute Astrophysique de Paris, France)   (Main Hall)
4:50 PM CMB bispectrum - Takashi Hiramatsu (Kyoto University, Japan)   (Main Hall)
5:10 PM Theoretical Predictions of Large Scale Clustering in the Lyman-alpha Forest - Agnieska Cieplak (Brookhaven National Laboratory, United States)   (Main Hall)
5:30 PM On Planck Asymmetries, Alignments and Calibration. - Alessio Notari (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)   (Main Hall)
5:50 PM The effect of clustering dark energy on cosmological parameter estimation - Caroline Heneka (Dark Cosmology Centre, Denmark)   (Main Hall)
4:10 PM
Dark Energy - Dragan Huterer (until 6:10 PM) (Rm 115+116)
4:10 PM Bimetric gravity is cosmologically viable - Frank Koennig (Institut fuer Theoretische Physik -Uni Heidelberg, Germany)   (Rm 115+116)
4:30 PM Tensor Modes in Bigravity: Primordial to Present - Alexandra Terrana (York University, Canada)   (Rm 115+116)
4:50 PM Consistent metric combinations in cosmology of massive bigravity - Henrik Nersisyan (Heidelberg University ITP, Germany)   (Rm 115+116)
5:10 PM Mapping dark energy with fundamental couplings - Ana Caterina Leite (Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto, Portugal)   (Rm 115+116)
5:30 PM The Effective Field Theory approach to dark energy and modified gravity phenomenology - Marco Raveri (SISSA, Italy)   (Rm 115+116)
5:50 PM Perturbations of Cosmological and Black hole Solution in Bi-gravity - Daisuke Yoshida (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)   (Rm 115+116)
4:10 PM
Dark Matter - Ki-Young Choi (until 6:10 PM) (Rm 207)
4:10 PM The Warmness of Dark Matter from the Lyman alpha forest - Antonella Garzilli (Leiden University, Netherlands)   (Rm 207)
4:30 PM Minimal Asymmetric Dark Matter - Martin Krauss (INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy)   (Rm 207)
4:50 PM XENON Dark Matter Search - Christopher Geis (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany)   (Rm 207)
5:10 PM Dark-Matter Bound States from Feynman Diagrams - Marieke Postma (Nikhef, Netherlands)   (Rm 207)
5:30 PM A search for dark matter annihilation in the newly discovered dwarf galaxy Reticulum 2 - Savvas Koushiappas (Brown University, United States)   (Rm 207)
5:50 PM Cosmological black holes and accretion: causal structure and models for the dark sector - Daniel Guariento (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada)   (Rm 207)
4:10 PM
Inflation and phase transitions - Kari Enqvist (until 6:10 PM) (Rm 111+112)
4:10 PM CP-violating top-Higgs coupling and electroweak phase transition - Jason Tsz Shing Yue (University of Sydney, Australia)   (Rm 111+112)
4:30 PM Correlation Functions in Stochastic Inflation - Vincent Vennin (ICG, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom)   (Rm 111+112)
4:50 PM Shaft Inflation - Konstantinos DIMOPOULOS (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)   (Rm 111+112)
5:10 PM The squeezed limit of the bispectrum for multifield inflation - Zachary Kenton (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)   (Rm 111+112)
5:30 PM How does canonical quantum gravity affect scalar and tensor perturbations during inflation? - Manuel Krämer (Institute of Physics, University of Szczecin, Poland)   (Rm 111+112)
5:50 PM Warm intermediate inflation in the Randall–Sundrum II model in light of Planck 2015 and BICEP2 results. - Nelson Videla (Universidad de Chile, Chile)   (Rm 111+112)
12:50 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM --- Excursion ---
7:30 PM --- Banquet ---
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Marek Demiański (until 3:40 PM) (Main Hall)
2:00 PM Cosmology on the Largest Scales - Stefano Camera (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
2:20 PM How much useful cosmological information can we capture beyond the linear regime of structure formation? - Julien Carron (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
2:40 PM Decaying Dark Matter and the Discrepancy in sigma_8 - Toyokazu Sekiguchi (University of Helsinki, Finland)   (Main Hall)
3:00 PM An introduction to 21cm cosmology using HI intensity mapping - Alkistis Pourtsidou (University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
3:20 PM Robust forecasts on inflationary science from the foreground-obscured, gravitationally lensed CMB polarisation - Stephen Feeney (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
2:00 PM
Dark Energy - Ruth Gregory (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 115+116)
2:00 PM Structure formation in fast transition UDM models - Francesco Pace (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
2:20 PM A magnified glance into the Dark Sector: Probing cosmological models with strong lensing in A1689 - Juan Magana (Institute of Physics and Astronomy Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile)   (Rm 115+116)
2:40 PM Cosmology in delta Gravity: A Classical Analysis and Phenomenology - Pablo Gonzalez (Universidad de Chile, Chile)   (Rm 115+116)
3:00 PM Constraints on hybrid metric-Palatini models from background evolution - Vanessa Smer Barreto (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
3:20 PM Brans –Dicke supergravity and the $\\Lambda$ naturalness problem - Mike Hewitt (Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
2:00 PM
Dark Matter - Kiwoon Choi (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 207)
2:00 PM Inflationary Imprints on Dark Matter - Tommi Tenkanen (University of Helsinki, Finland)   (Rm 207)
2:20 PM Cogeneration and Pre-annihilation of Dark Matter by a New Gauge Interaction - Stephen Barr (University of Delaware, United States)   (Rm 207)
2:40 PM Diluting the inflationary axion fluctuation by a stronger QCD in the early Universe - Sang Hui Im (Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea)   (Rm 207)
3:00 PM Generating Luminous and Dark Matter During Inflation - Neil Barrie (University of Sydney, Australia)   (Rm 207)
3:20 PM Dark matter with low reheating temperature - Krzysztof Turzynski (University of Warsaw, Poland)   (Rm 207)
2:00 PM
Inflation and phase transitions - Arttu Rajantie (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 111+112)
2:00 PM Corpuscular Considerations on Cosmological Observables and Eternal Inflation - Florian Kuhnel (The Oskar Klein Centre, Sweden)   (Rm 111+112)
2:20 PM Gauge and fermion preheating and the end of axion inflation - Evangelos Sfakianakis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States)   (Rm 111+112)
2:40 PM Massive vector multiplet inflation with DBI type action - Yusuke Yamada (Waseda University, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
3:00 PM Thermalization after Inflation - Kyohei Mukaida (Kavli IPMU, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
3:20 PM Acoustically generated gravitational waves at a first order phase transition - David Weir (University of Stavanger, Norway)   (Rm 111+112)
3:40 PM --- Coffee ---
4:10 PM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Marek Demiański (until 6:10 PM) (Main Hall)
4:10 PM Halo/Galaxy Bispectrum with Equilateral-type Primordial Trispectrum - Shuntaro Mizuno (Waseda University, Japan)   (Main Hall)
4:30 PM Dark energy and non-linear power spectrum - Jinn-Ouk Gong (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Republic of Korea)   (Main Hall)
4:50 PM Cross-correlation between the CMB lensing potential measured by Planck and high-redshift Herschel-ATLAS galaxies - Pawel Bielewicz (SISSA, Italy)   (Main Hall)
5:10 PM Non-local bias in the halo bispectrum with primordial non-Gaussianity - Matteo Tellarini (ICG, Portsmouth, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
5:30 PM The bispectrum of relativistic galaxy number counts - Giovanni Marozzi (Universite de Geneve, Switzerland)   (Main Hall)
5:50 PM Primordial black holes as biased tracers - Yuichiro Tada (Kavli IPMU, Japan)   (Main Hall)
4:10 PM
Dark Energy - David Polarski (until 6:10 PM) (Rm 115+116)
4:10 PM Quasi-Static Solutions for Compact Objects in Chameleon Models - Ilia Musco (LUTH - Observatoire de Paris, France)   (Rm 115+116)
4:30 PM String Gas Cosmology with Varying Spped of Light - Ali Nayeri (Chapman University, United States)   (Rm 115+116)
4:50 PM The two faces of mimetic Horndeski gravity: disformal transformations and Lagrange multiplier - Purnendu Karmakar (Universita degli Studi di Padova, Italy)   (Rm 115+116)
5:10 PM Random potentials in Cosmology - Thorsten Battefeld (University of Goettingen, Germany)   (Rm 115+116)
5:30 PM Initial conditions for simulations of arbitrary modified gravity, beyond quasi-static approximations - Wessel Valkenburg (Leiden University, Netherlands)   (Rm 115+116)
5:50 PM Covariantised Vector Galileons - Mathew Hull (University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
4:10 PM
Dark Matter - Kiwoon Choi (until 6:10 PM) (Rm 207)
4:10 PM Newtonian linear perturbations from the Schroedinger-Poisson equations - Adam Christopherson (University of Florida, United States)   (Rm 207)
4:30 PM IceCube potential for detecting Q-ball dark matter - Shinta Kasuya (Kanagawa University, Japan)   (Rm 207)
4:50 PM Constraining the dark matter by 21cm signals - Kenji Kadota (Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea)   (Rm 207)
5:10 PM Super-weakly interacting Dark Matter - Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden University, Netherlands)   (Rm 207)
5:30 PM Constraining the lifetime of Dark Matter - Thomas Tram (ICG Portsmouth University, United Kingdom)   (Rm 207)
5:50 PM A stable Higgs portal with vector dark matter - Mateusz Duch (University of Warsaw, Poland)   (Rm 207)
4:10 PM
Inflation and phase transitions - Arttu Rajantie (until 6:10 PM) (Rm 111+112)
4:10 PM Inflation and dark energy from alpha-attractors - Marco Scalisi (Van Swinderen Institute - University of Groningen, Netherlands)   (Rm 111+112)
4:30 PM Consistency relations for features in the primordial spectra - Gonzalo Palma (FCFM, Universidad de Chile, Chile)   (Rm 111+112)
4:50 PM Spacetime curvature and the Higgs stability before and after inflation - Tommi Markkanen (Imperial College, United Kingdom)   (Rm 111+112)
5:10 PM Generation and evolution of cosmological magnetic fields at the electroweak epoch - Oleg Ruchayskiy (EPFL, Switzerland)   (Rm 111+112)
5:30 PM Heavy neutrinos in cosmology and particle physics - Marco Drewes (TU Munich, Germany)   (Rm 111+112)
5:50 PM Particle production after inflation with non-minimal derivative couplings to gravity - Yohei Ema (The University of Tokyo, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
7:30 PM --- Panel discussion ---
12:40 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
CMB, LSS and cosmological parameters - Bożena Czerny (until 3:40 PM) (Main Hall)
2:00 PM A convergent perturbation theory for Newtonian cosmological structure formation - Cornelius Rampf (Portsmouth University, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
2:20 PM Measuring CMB Polarization with POLARBEAR and the Simons Array: Towards New Constraints on Neutrino Masses and Inflation - Christian Reichardt (University of Melbourne, Australia)   (Main Hall)
2:40 PM The structure of the real line and cosmology - Pawel Klimasara (University of Silesia, Poland)   (Main Hall)
3:00 PM Post-Newtonian Cosmological Modelling - Viraj Sanghai (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)   (Main Hall)
3:20 PM The decay of primordial magnetic fields and CMB spectral distortions - Jacques Wagstaff (Hamburg University, Germany)   (Main Hall)
2:00 PM
Inflation and phase transitions - Marek Demiański (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 111+112)
2:00 PM Gravitational effects on inflaton decay - Ryusuke Jinno (The University of Tokyo, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
2:20 PM Production of magnetic fields in axion inflation and their post-inflationary evolution - Ryo Namba (Kavli IPMU, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
2:40 PM Generation of sparse and localized curvature perturbation from inflation - Teruaki Suyama (Research Center for the Early Universe, University of Tokyo, Japan)   (Rm 111+112)
3:00 PM Warm quartic inflation in light of Planck 2015 results - Grigorios Panotopoulos (Department of Physics, University of Chile, Chile)   (Rm 111+112)
3:20 PM Influence of interactions terms on non-perturbative particle production and preheating - Seishi ENOMOTO (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland)   (Rm 111+112)
2:00 PM
Inflation and phase transitions - Mariusz Dąbrowski (until 3:40 PM) (Rm 115+116)
2:00 PM Scale Invariant Top Condensate Model - Shelley Liang (School of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia)   (Rm 115+116)
2:20 PM Primordial magnetic fields from cosmic defects - Kouichirou Horiguchi (Nagoya University, Japan)   (Rm 115+116)
2:40 PM QCD corrections to Leptogenesis - Sebastian Mendizabal (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile)   (Rm 115+116)
3:00 PM Cosmology With Negative Absolute Temperatures - Jose Pedro Pinto Vieira (Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Sussex, United Kingdom)   (Rm 115+116)
3:20 PM Helical Magnetic Fields from Creation to Detection - Andrew Long (KICP, United States)   (Rm 115+116)