7-11 September 2015
Warsaw, Poland
Europe/Zurich timezone

QCD corrections to Leptogenesis

11 Sep 2015, 14:40
Rm 115+116 ()

Rm 115+116


Sebastian Mendizabal (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile)


Thermal Leptogenesis gives a simple and elegant solution to the baryon asymmetry in the universe problem. In this scenario the CP-violating thermal decay of a very massive Majorana neutrino accounts for this asymmetry. This mechanism requires high temperature and a strongly coupled electro-weak primordial bath. We will show a novel way to treat corrections that arises when the strong interactions of the bath are taken into account by using the collinear-thermal-loop resummation developed in QCD. We will also compare our results obtained in the Kadanoff-Baym formalism with the semi-classical Boltzmann approach.

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