Apr 11 – 13, 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone

In this second edition of the Anisotropic Universe Workshop, “Unveiling the Anisotropic Universe”, we plan to have about 50 participants highly interested in debating the study of anisotropies in astrophysics and cosmology. We organized a similar workshop in September 2013 in Amsterdam (1st Anisotropic Universe Workshop) that was a success and resulted in several fruitful collaborations.

The study of anisotropies is a cross-field topic that is quickly developing thanks to the incredibly detailed data that we have been collecting during the last few years from microwaves, with Plank, up to very-high energies, with Fermi, just to cite two instruments. Our plan in to exploit the momentum that this cross-field topic is gaining to launch a collaborative effort to unravel fundamental issues in astrophysics and cosmology as, for example, the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, and the nature of dark matter.


Scientific Organizers: Shin'ichiro Ando (GRAPPA Amsterdam), Mattia Fornasa (GRAPPA Amsterdam), Jennifer Gaskins (GRAPPA Amsterdam), Kumiko Kotera (IAP Paris), Jacco Vink (GRAPPA/API Amsterdam), Fabio Zandanel (GRAPPA Amsterdam).

Local Organizers: Mattia Fornasa, Natalie Wells, Fabio Zandanel.

There will be a modest conference fee of 100 euro that will cover coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner on Tuesday evening. Note that the accommodation will not be arranged by the organizers. We urge you to book your accommodation as soon as possible!