CBI @ mediterranean - 2nd visit to CERN IdeaSquare

3179-r-00 (CERN)




Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) is a project course, where multidisciplinary student teams and their instructors collaborate with researchers at CERN to discover novel solutions for the future of humankind. The projects are an elaborate mixture, where the technologies derived from research at CERN meet societal, human-driven needs.

CBI @ mediterranean is running from 14.9.2015 to 11.12.2015, culminating to a prototype expo held at CERN introducing the student team results.

Focus of this second visit to CERN is idea development/maturation, prototyping and meeting CERN experts.

Monday 19.10

  • 16.00 - Checkpoint Presentations
    • Summary on the progress so far, 20 minutes /team + Q&A

Tuesday 20.10

  • Teamwork and meeting with CERN experts

Wednesday 21.10.

  • Teamwork and meeting with CERN experts

Thursday 22.10

  • Teamwork and meeting with CERN experts

Friday 23.10.

  • 13:00 Presentations
    • Top 3 ideas conceptualized
    • Metaphors for each concept
    • 2 rough prototypes of concepts that have not been previously prototyped
    • Technologies that you consider (potentially) relevant to your concepts
    • Technology expert feedback for each concept
    • 15 minutes / team + Q&A

The presentations from Monday and Friday are available at the CBI Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnc6cSYC_gRQGt9EcINUthJXSh8bRK1s8


The agenda of this meeting is empty