May 25 – 29, 2009
Umeå University
Europe/Zurich timezone

StratusLab: Running a Grid Site in the Cloud

May 28, 2009, 10:30 AM
Big Auditorium (kb3b1), KBC building (Umeå University)

Big Auditorium (kb3b1), KBC building

Umeå University

KBC Umeå Universitet Umeå, Sweden
Virtualisation Virtualisation IV


Michel Jouvin (CNRS/LAL)


Cloud technologies have matured quickly over the last couple of years and now provide an interesting platform on which to host grid services. The dynamic nature of these resources could ease life-cycle management for system administrators and could provide customized resources for users. However, questions remain about how these resources can meet the grid's security and operational policies. This presentation explains the challenges raised by using cloud resources for a EGEE grid site. StratusLab (, an informal collaboration between CNRS/LAL, GRNET, SixSq Sàrl, and UCM, aims to determine how mature and robust cloud resources are by running a full grid site within the Amazon cloud. This will also show how compatible cloud resources are with grid technology and with standard system administrator management tools. The first steps have already uncovered both administrative and technical problems in using cloud resources with the grid. This presentation will describe those problems, the current state of the experiment, and the future directions of the collaboration.


The StratusLab collaboration investigates the maturity and robustness of cloud resources by trying to run a full grid site in the Amazon cloud. The presentation describes the results from this experiment and future directions of the collaboration.

Primary authors

Cal Loomis (CNRS/LAL) Michel Jouvin (CNRS/LAL)

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