January 13, 2009 to February 27, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
Comprehensive training on using Physics Analysis Toolkit in CMS data analysis. The training consists of series of modules covering everything from basic knowledge to the details needed in real analysis. Each participant is required to have an analysis project which will be developed during this course. The training modules are organized as lectures and e-learning activities, and they may include exercises. The tutors will help the participants with their projects. Some of the sessions consist of e-learning activities only and the session in this schedule refers to the time when these activities should be completed. It is important that the participants can be present (at CERN, at FNAL or with a good EVO connection) for the first (Jan 13) and the last (Feb 27) modules. Other modules can be followed remotely and the EVO recordings can be retransmitted at FNAL and elsewhere. The participants will profit most from tutoring (personal discussions, hands-on sessions) at CERN and at FNAL, but it is possible to participate remotely. The final schedule is now confirmed.
to be defined