General information

The registration fee is 65€ per participant. This includes

  • Coffee breaks;
  • A welcome cocktail on the first day;
  • Lunch on the second day;
  • The workshop dinner on the second day.

The registration will remain open until March 25th.

If you will be accompanied by another guest who would like to attend the workshop dinner, please inform Eli Ben-Haim (benhaim[AT] by email before March 25th so that an extra place may be reserved for them. In this instance, the additional payment for the guest will be handled directly by the restaurant.

Please note that the registration is done in two steps:

  1. Pre-registration
  2. Registration and payment.

You will be able proceed to the second step once the pre-registration has been validated by a member of the local organizing committee. Please note that the pre-registration alone is not enough to attend the workshop.

Registration procedure and links

  • INFN participants: before completing the web forms, please read carefully the INFN-specific instructions below. This is necessary to ensure that the invoice contains all of the information that the INFN requires.
  • CNRS participants: if would you like to pay by transfer between laboratories, please read carefully the CNRS-specific instructions below before completing the web forms.


You should first proceed to the pre-registration, which is done through the following links, in French or in English. When you complete this step, you should get an email confirming that "your pre-registration has been correctly saved".

Later on, once the pre-registration has been validated by the organizing committee, you will receive another confirmation email with a link for the Registration page. When you click on that link, please select "Confirm a pre-registration" (in the line corresponding to our workshop) and provide your name and email address to be identified. You will be then able to fill the registration form and complete the process. (Please note: it can take a little time for the database to be updated, so if you click on the registration link and it gives you an error, please wait for a few minutes and try again. It may also be necessary to close the browser session between preregistration and registration.)

Payment can be done by credit card or bank transfer. (Please note that there is no option to pay cash upon arrival.)

Once you complete this step you have been registered.


Specific instructions for INFN participants

In order to help us providing the invoice in the format requested by the INFN administration, please fill the pre-registration form as

During the second phase (registration)

Please follow the general instructions above. In the third page of the form, please select "Someone else or a company pays" and validate the information that you have already filled during the pre-registration. You can then pay by your own credit card or by bank transfer.


Specific instructions for CNRS participants

If you would like the payment for the workshop to be made by direct transfer from your laboratory to LPNHE, please make sure to check the "CNRS employee" box in the pre-registration form. In the registration step, please select payment by bank transfer, but do not do the transfer itself. You will receive by email a "Pré-Bon de Commande" that you should transmit to the "gestionnaire" of your lab, and ask them to make a "commande" in Gestlab and send it to the DR2 so they can create an invoice.