21-26 February 2016
Schladming, Austria
Europe/Zurich timezone
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The focus of the 2016 edition of the Schladming Winter School in Theoretical Physics will be on new trends and open challenges in the understanding of the microcosm. With the discovery of a Standard Model-like scalar boson at the LHC and no further clear-cut observation of new phenomena at the electroweak scale the quest for a natural description of the microcosm has become even more pressing.

Evaluating new theoretical frameworks which UV-complete the Standard Model or benchmark models beyond the Standard Model, fascinates physicists across the various communities including those working on model building, particle phenomenology, quantum gravity, cosmology and formal theory.

Several key speakers will address this topic from different angles:

  • Astrid Eichhorn (Imperial College London): Asymptotic Safety

  • Petr Horava (Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics, University of California, San Francisco): Gravity and the Quantum

  • Hugh Osborn (DAMTP, University of Cambridge) : Formal Advances in Quantum Field Theory

  • Veronica Sanz (University of Sussex): Models for the LHC and Beyond

  • Martin Schmaltz (Boston University): Towards a Fundamental Theory Beyond the Standard Model

  • Mikhail Shaposhnikov (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne): Particle Physics and Cosmology

  • Christof Wetterich (University of Heidelberg): Fixed Points in Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Financial support by the City of Schladming, the Province of Styria, the University of Graz and the ERC Advanced Grant: Functional Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics (ERC-AdG-290623 ) is gratefully acknowledged.

The lectures by Prof. Tilman Plehn (University of Heidelberg) had to be canceled on short notice. We are thankful to Prof. Veronica Sanz (University of Sussex) that she will cover many topics originally planned to be covered by the lectures of Prof. Plehn.

Schladming, Austria
Congress Schladming Europaplatz 800 8970 Schladming Austria

Since 1962, the Schladming International Winter School has an excellent track record in attracting outstanding scientists, including many Nobel laureates, to inspire their audience of typically 120 participants, including some of the best graduate students and young postdocs in theoretical physics.

Additional seminars related to the topics of the School by selected participants and a poster session add to the vibrancy of the event.

The homepage of the event can be found at http://physik.uni-graz.at/schladming2016/


Organizing Committee:

Reinhard Alkofer (University of Graz)

Daniel Litim (University of Sussex)

Jan Pawlowski (University of Heidelberg)

Willibald Plessas (University of Graz)

Helios Sanchis-Alepuz (University of Graz)

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