December 1, 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone
MINIBALL is entering a new era. The spectrometer is relocated at the target position of the new HIE-ISOLDE accelerator. At the moment of this announcement everyone from both the HIE-ISOLDE and the MINIBALL side is preparing eagerly data taking of the first in-beam measurements. In the upcoming years a considerable number of 43 approved MINIBALL experiments await data taking. The MINIBALL collaboration is looking forward to this unique opportunity for in-beam spectroscopy with radioactive ion beams at HIE-ISOLDE energies. Preparation of the future campaigns have started and include the replacement of the aged digital electronics and data acquisition system. An updated array of Si detectors and front-end electronics is foreseen for the charged particle detector T-REX. Detection capabilities of MINIBALL are enhanced by the conversion electron detector array SPEDE. Latest news report on a combination of MINIBALL with a plunger device, scintillator detectors for high energy gamma rays and neutron detectors. Moreover the MINIBALL cluster detectors will be improved by a BGO Anti-Compton suppression shield. The users meeting should bring together the members of the MINIBALL collaboration, especially the spokespersons of the ongoing and newly approved experiments are invited to join. The meeting should alert the MINIBALL users to become member of the collaboration. Contributions and funds are needed to proceed with the new MB DAQ system, the new T-REX detectors and the new BGO shields. All spokespersons of newly accepted and ongoing MB experiments will be contacted to report on their plans and future contributions to the experiment. As a mid-term perspective the long shut down period II of the CERN accelerator complex opens the window for MINIBALL experiments at other places. First ideas and a letter of intent for this period will be presented.
31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre
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