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30 June 2016 to 1 July 2016
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Smart pixels for single photons

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Auditorium & Conference Room (Other Institutes)

Auditorium & Conference Room

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ESADE Business School, Avenida Pedralbes, 60-62, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.


Prof. Elisabeth Koffeman (Nikhef)


In close collaboration with CERN, Nikhef has developed a strong record in the design and realisation of large detectors for particle physics. Key parts were silicon and gas filled sensors that are specialised in measuring charged particles with accurate position and energy information. Today our knowledge on design of both mechanical and electronic precision equipment has reached a level where we expect it to make impact on relevant non particle physics sience fields. In particular we foresee a large impact on single photon counting and spectral Xray imaging for medical and industrial tomography systems [1]. Specifically we expect to realise a new generation of detectors for soft photons, electrons, neutrons and MIPs by combining CMOS pixel chips with MEMS-built structures. We want to push for imaging with time resolution down to the picosecond regime while reaching MHz readout speed, and spatial resolution defined by the granularity of the pixel chip. A concrete goal is the development of the Cherenkov PET scanner [2].

[1] Prospects of spectral CT with Medipix detectors PoS TIPP2014 (2014) 246
[2] Potential applications of electron emission membranes in medicine. Advances in detectors and applications for medicine NIM A Vol 809, 11 February 2016, Pages 171–174

Primary author

Prof. Elisabeth Koffeman (Nikhef)


Prof. Harry Graaf,van der (Nikhef) Dr Jan Timmermans (Nikhef) Dr Martin Beuzekom (Nikhef)

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