May 18 – 22, 2009
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

The ND280 near detector of the T2K experiment

May 20, 2009, 11:25 AM
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Palau Maricel Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Talk Current and future neutrino experiments Current and future neutrino experiments I


Dr Andrea Ferrero (Université de Genève - DPNC)


The T2K experiment is a long-baseline neutrino oscillations experiment, designed to improve the sensitivity to $\theta_{13}$ by at least one order of magnitude and to determine more accurately the ``atmospheric'' parameters $\theta_{23}$ and $\Delta m_{23}^2$. For this purpose a high intensity $\nu_{\mu}$ beam ($\sim$700~MeV peak energy) produced at the JPARC accelerator complex will be directed towards the Super-Kamiokande (SK) detector, at a distance of 295~km. A near detector complex (ND280) is also under construction at 280~m from the production target. The ND280 apparatus is designed to measure the energy spectrum, flavor content and neutral and charged current interaction rates of the unoscillated neutrino beam; this information will be used to predict the unoscillated interaction rates at Super-Kamiokande. In this talk the physics goals of T2K will be introduced and the role of the ND280 detector in the T2K analysis strategy will be discussed. The ND280 detector is presently under construction, and first neutrino interaction data are expected at the end of this year. The design, expected performance and test-beam studies of the ND280 sub-detectors will be described briefly, together with timescales for construction and initial operation.

Primary author

Dr Andrea Ferrero (Université de Genève - DPNC)

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