May 18 – 22, 2009
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

Coherent Pion production (PCAC)

May 22, 2009, 9:25 AM
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Palau Maricel Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Talk Single pion production Single pion production II


Prof. Emmanuel Paschos (Technical Iniversity Dortmund)


In the talk I will present results on coherent pion production by neutrinos scattered off nuclei. The method is based on PCAC and uses helicity cross sections for the scattering of weak gauge bosons on nuclei including the lepton mass in the formulas. The process relies on experimental data for elastic pion-nucleus scattering, thus it avoids discussing what is happening within the Nucleus. A detailed analysis of the differential and integrated cross sections is presented for neutral and charged currents, with special emphasis on the regions of integrations. The method is applicable to low and higher energies and has been extended to incident energies of 10.0 GeV. The predictions are consistent with present experimental results and provide a benchmark for measurements in the future.

Primary author

Prof. Emmanuel Paschos (Technical Iniversity Dortmund)

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