May 18 – 22, 2009
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

C5A axial form factor predicted from the bubble chamber scattering data

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Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Palau Maricel Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Poster Single pion production


Dr Krzysztof Graczyk (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw University)


Analysis of the single pion production data collected in the 12-ft ANL and 7-ft BNL experiments will be presented. It will be shown that successful, simultaneous fit (assuming dipole form of C5A) to both sets of the data is possible if the flux uncertainties are taken into account. The deuteron structure effects are taken into consideration. The obtained fits of C5A will be applied to the NuWro Monte Carlo (MC) generator and then used to predict $\sigma(CC\pi^+)/\sigma(CCQE)$ ratio for the K2K and MiniBooNE experiments. Eventually, I will also present computation of the cross sections for pi0 production in neutral current neutrino-nucleon scattering for T2K experiment. All predicted observables will be presented together with the uncertainties which are determined from the fit.

Primary author

Dr Krzysztof Graczyk (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw University)

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