Apr 6 – 7, 2016
Schuster Laboratory, University of Manchester
Europe/Zurich timezone

The LHCb upgrade is under construction and will be installed during LHC Long shutdown 2 (LS2), starting operation in 2021. The remit of this meeting is to discuss the longer term future of the experiment beyond the phase I upgrade. This will include the physics potential of the experiment and the further developments of the detector that could drive these.

LHC LS3 will be an LHC shutdown of up to three years duration in the mid-2020s. ATLAS and CMS plan to install their phase II upgrades at this time. The meeting will discuss the potential to profit from this period to further enhance the physics potential of the LHCb upgrade with modest changes to the detector configuration.

LHC LS4 will be in the late 2020s. By the time of this shutdown the currently anticipated LHCb upgrade programme (approx. 10 years of operation) would likely be coming towards its end. First thoughts on the future physics directions that could be taken by the collaboration will be discussed and alternative detector configurations considered. The discussion will be centred on operation of an experiment with a further order of magnitude increase in the instantaneous luminosity beyond that of the LHCb upgrade.

Schuster Laboratory, University of Manchester
Bragg Lecture Theatre
Brunswick Street, Manchester, UK