Collaboration meeting



# ARGUS Collaboration Meeting - 26/2/2016


## General News


## New  Release

At CERN a new problem occurred and led to a reimplementation of the pool account mapping in the PEP server
* Several optimization done, in particular in the context of shared gridmapdirs: some caching introduced
  * Caching configurable (can also be disabled)
  * If not solving the problem, the only alternative is the database backend
* A problem in the way secondary FQANs are mapped to groups was also fixed (see
* About to be tested at CERN in production
Packaging issues fixed on EL5, EL6 and EL7 for the last release

UMD4 integration: has started with the previous version (the version before the last fix)
* Need to contact Vincenzo to synchronize things

NIKHEF: developing a new PIP (Policy Information Point) able to 
obtain the policy OID from the End-Entity certificate and add them
to the request as attribute values rather than writing complex policies.
In particular the OIDs signaling the type of CA (e.g. classic, mics,
slcs, iota, see
are useful for the VO+CA bit, but knowing when an entity is e.g. a
robot is useful too. 
* The goal is to have it as a standard ARGUS component
* Current source location:
* Current development based on UMD-3 ARGUS but no major problem foreseen for using it with new version

Documentation move to ReadTheDocs: almost done (right after the meeting!)
* Initial work is at
* Current ReadTheDocs url is

## AOB

Next meeting: April 15, 2pm
* May also take the opportunity of the EGI conference for a F2F meeting if enough of us are present



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    • 14:00 14:10
      General news 10m
      INDIGO recruitment
    • 14:10 14:30
      EL7 and Java8 support 20m
      Development news (Andrea) UMD4 integration status (Vincenzo) Test suite and stress tests (Tamas) Documentation migration status (Michel)
    • 14:30 14:50
      Open issues and new features 20m
      CERN issue status DB backend prototype for pool account allocation
    • 14:50 15:00
      AOB 10m
      Next meeting